Is it wise to chase Magallan?

I did my 10 rolls and already got my guaranteed 5* (and it’s Executor too so he’s already my money’s worth). However, problems arise:

  1. Penguin girl is cute AF.
  2. Summoner is very few and far in between and the next banners 6* are all mostly Guards (and Guards are a dime a dozen).
  3. I would very much like to have a more technical operator to play with, as the readily available Summoner, Deepcolor, has a too straightforward kit.

Based on those 3 factors alone, I would scrape out originium out of the story chapter’s backside gladly. But I’ve heard that Magallan isn’t exclusive and will be added to the permanent pool. So my question is, should I chase her right now while she’s on rate up or should I wait for her to spook me anytime between unlikely to never?

Since Magellan is only on rate up twice unless there’re some future changes, and she never showed up in distinction shop (last time I’d checked anyway). Maybe…?

I just read the pity system, and to my understanding, it only kicks in after at least 30,000 orundums in, and isn’t guaranteed until 59,400 orundums (99th roll). Assuming I can (miraculously) sweep all currently available story chapter, will I have the necessary amount to pity Magallan?

Also, do the pity rate carry over between banners in this game?

Pity rate do carry over between banners, and what chapter are you at in the story?

I’m on chapter 3 at the part where the chapter branches. I’ve considered rerolling but this account already has Silverash and Chen. And between Chen and Mags it’s a waifu war because having Silverash means the Doctor already won the game anyway.

You can get at least 40 OG (counting the challenges), which mean it’s not enough for the guaranteed to kick in, but you probably won’t need anything close to 30,000 to get a 6* unless you’re really unlucky

Will Magallan be on rate up again in the future?

Well, I have decided to chase her anyway. For one, if the pity carries over then there is no OG truly lost anyway. Wish me luck.

Oh and last question: from some things I’ve read online, is it better to do single rolls instead of a 10-roll in this game?

Her next rate up is her last one in the foreseeable future, so she does have one rate up in the future, and imo single rolls and multi rolls have basically the same odd, but I’m not a statistic expert so :confused:
Also good luck on getting Penta :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you for your help!
Yeah I figured the odds are the same. At least with singles I can stop the moment I hit the jackpot and not be forced to waste in multiples of 10 lol.

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STRAIGHT TO E1 YOU GO (sorry I’m only a level 21 doctor lol)



Look like you did managed to get Penta after all, congrat!

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