Is it worth buying Heroic Spirit Portrait?

With the BB rerun + the two RP from Chloe rerun (didn’t get all copies first time) i had 7 RP, i bought the Chaldea Lantern, making it 3 unused atm, and now i have 4 RP to spare.

Is it worth getting Heroic Spirit portrait for the flat +50 bond and lower cost than CLT/CTT? Or should i just wait to stockpile even more lanterns?

I say go for it

It’ll help for bond Grinding and that’s very helpful

50 really isn’t much in my opinion, so I can’t really recomend it. I’d just double up on teatime/lunchtime CEs

The portrait CEs are mainly for Waifu/Husbando reasons, not stats if you ask me


I’ve been contemplating buying one too. I have another question which if answered should give both of us the answer we’re looking for:

We get both Dinnertime and Foumes this year. Running those two plus native tea- and lunchtime takes 4 slots and gives +40% bond, let’s assume that’s the max you can spare (DSS teams) and disregard party cost restrictions (they’re all 5*). So the question is, is it mathematically better to swap one of those CEs for Heroic portrait? If yes -> native Teatime is out; if no -> Would taking into account party cost make HP more practical overall?

In any quest with less than 1000 bond given, which are all free quests, 5% bond is less than 50 so Heroic Spirit Portrait is more efficient. But that entry cost is what is giving me doubt, 3RP is pretty hard to get even if the Ryouma rerun and Summer Jalter rerun will give me 10 more.

Only 10? You’re getting RP for the costumes and 5* CC in Summer 3 too, or did you not get them last year?

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Oh, i forgot about those.

I did get them all last year.

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That’s 16 total (with Ryouma), if it helps you decide.

Personally, I want only 3 more bond grails (for now) and I have 3RP rn and I’m not interested in anything else in the shop that much so I just needed to hear the math


I’ve been thinking about it as well.

I think a major plus for it is that it’s a 4* CE which helps with team costs. It’s better than a native CTT most of time (I think?)

The main issue I have is which one to choose!


I think i’ll do it then.

Long term the Lanterns i already have will serve their purpose until we get the RP from those events to basically buy 5 more eventually.

It’s a 4* CE with a cost of 5 not 9, so it REALLY helps with party cost. I love having it, but I don’t know if I could stomach spending 3 rp on it myself. Glad I was around for the initial release.

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just gonna note that +50 bond is better in almost if not every normal free quest than running your personal teatime.

the highest free quests generally get is 815 bond per run, and 5% of that is 40.75. The 5% from native teatime is actually a waste of party cost since you can get more bond out of one of these.

additionally, in very low level free quests, like bone farming in fuyuki, X-C and X-D, two of the top three bones/ap nodes in the game, give 35 and 55 bond respectively. in those cases, +50 bond directly is better than anything you’d ever get from percentage based CEs. (in this case, the same is also true for master exp and mystic code exp, so keep some promo ces around)

definitely a niche thing, but there’s value to gain from pure +50 bond.