Is it worth coming back?

I deleted the game a long time ago since I don’t like games where you are forced to play with other people and well, except the story we didn’t have a lot of single player modes. I stopped to play around the Blue event so yeah, honestly I don’t know if the devs added new modes or not. Is it worth coming back?

Tbf I would return to play just for her

But I’d like to hear the opinions of people who still play this game

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Now the game is similar farm fest but with better rewards, but early 2020 we get new single player modes, and SP customization.
I say log in every day for gems (with maybe 3 fights per day for daily bonus), and wait, because in next few months we would see some major changes.

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That’s good to hear. I liked the game but I was annoyed by all those multiplayer modes since sometimes I can’t/I don’t want to play with other people

Do you know when the Christmas units will be available?

Probably close.

Both banners will run from December 11 till December 31.

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