Is it worth crafting 4* core weapons?

I’ve just started the game recently, and got the Smithy to level 4. Should I start crafting 4* core weapons, or just save my materials for the better weapons?
People have said that 4* cores are pretty much obsolete, but I dunno if that applies to me yet as a new player.

Crafting 4* weapons mostly depends on your needs. Core 4* are cheaper that core 5* and the resources needed are easier to obtain. But also a lot of 4* weapons can be earned as loot from missions. If you’re having trouble clearing content, you should build some, but don’t break the bank. Even core 5* weapons only go so far.

Playing Void content will get you 4* void weapons for free that are useful for other Void missions. Once you can reliably clear Void Dragons then make High Dragon weapons, which allow you to build the High Dragon weapons at the bottom of the list. Those are better than 5* core weapons. You can use Fafnir medals to buy dragon tails if you aren’t able to clear expert high dragons.

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Thank you so much!
I was really confused about weapons since the reddit guide recommends building core weapons, but others have been saying not to.

I’ll give the Void content a try, and just craft a core weapon if it’s too difficult.

How old is the reddit guide?

4*s are really cheap, but void battles probably give you better weapons for the level you’re at. Void isn’t super hard, and it’s a pretty consistent way to use your getherwings.
If you’re low on might and you’re still using 3* weapons, maybe consider making 4* weapons.

anything else < 4* core ~= (niche use) void 4* < void 5* < 5* core < void anti-HDT weapons < (power gap) < chimera weapons < 6* < HDT weapons < MUB 6*

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Keep in mind you will have to craft 4 star weapons for Chapter 12 progress. It’s something that they started implementing to tutorialize progress to endgame quests.

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Last update was February 2019, so yeah… not expecting to get anything out of that :joy:.
Thanks for the advice! Apart from GP, are there other sources for updated guides?

Reddit has a bunch of them, but Brotel on YT tends to put out good guides, though the older ones are understandably outdated but he provides stats in them that are still relevant today.

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honestly, I just try and get an average opinion from several sources on what characters/prints/dragons are good.
Stuff like weapons are actually easy enough to tell once you actually look at them all at once. So you go to the wiki and look at, say, the stats of all 5* fire swords, there’s a massive jump in stats from 5* core weapons to void chimera weapons, from HDT tier 1 to HDT tier 2, and in the effective stats from the 6* weapon passives.
Some of it is just from playing the game for a long time. For example, people used to actually care about attack/HP stats on adventurers and weapons; like the 5* core dark blade had the most attack in the game, and it made Taro not terrible, and the introduction of Ieyasu -who had the highest attack stat of all characters- a big deal. Now nobody mentions stats, you just use the tool to make sure you can pass the HP check, and people try and optimize for WP effects. Stats just don’t matter as much in the face of the amount you get with chimera weapons and augments.
also if you see a wyrmprint build guide on reddit that’s outdated, it’s because they were stealing them from the 4chan thread, who started putting porn in the background so reddit couldn’t post it. (4chan also hasn’t made one in months anyway)
There’s a chinese DPS simulator that everyone generally uses for builds, but it’s sometimes awkward to use and they make weird decisions for the default settings. you can try youtube for people doing high level content videos, that level of the game is a lot of pattern memorization.

if you want a walkthrough type of guide,
do as much story as you can. do co-op if you need to punch above your might. always prioritize events.
do your dailies. you get enough skip tickets every day to just use those on them, if you do, make a dedicated leveling/EXP sponge team. check the treasure trade, void and fafuu medal shops reset every month.
if you’re doing mana circles, the highest level has three raw stat nodes, a passive upgrade, a skill 1 upgrade, four coability upgrades, and one free damascus shard. do the first five first, so your adventurer is at 45/50. then if you really like them you can do the others, as your water stock allows. (the skill 1 upgrade is hiding in the middle of the four coability nodes (I missed this for an embarrassingly long time))

or if it’s Joe, who has like the most in-demand chain coability in the game.

a surprising number of the 3* units have great mana spirals, and make great ways to break in to high level content. like Xania and Vice. The story units also have consistently good mana spirals, but the 3*s are even cheaper on the materials.

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I’ll go check out Brotel’s vids later, and some of the progression guides I’ve seen on youtube.

I like the fact that 3*s are so cheap to raise, at least that way I won’t be wasting as much mats raising a single unit :joy:.

Again, thanks for the advice!