Is it worth getting Anniversary Blonde and Royal Brand?

Since I missed their initial release, is it worth getting these with the Rare Prisms that I was supposed to get from getting Santera NP 6+? Or would it be more worthwhile to get Code Removers/future Lantern of Chaldea/do the missed Trials for tickets?

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New mystic codes are always worthwhile. Don’t spend your RPs on code removers or missed trials (if you’re f2p)…now that would be a waste

Just get the removers from event (if they have any). You won’t use those that much, anyway.

Trials are just…trials for specific servants. Just watch those on YouTube; you won’t be missing much.

Also idk what’s Lantern of Chaldea, but I doubt it’s worth getting

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bond grail

anyways, all mystic codes are worth it, imo. some will certainly see more use, but more gameplay options is always nice to have

only it and said bond grails out of what you listed are really worth it, imo. though I’d say the lores are pretty nice too, due to how limited they are, but if you never end up progressing far enough on levels to lore much or are otherwise hyper-stingy about it, then it may not be as valuable to you. and of coruse, the bond grails are only really useful if you have anyone who you both can use it on and plan to use extensively enough to hit you to bond 11+, imo


Anni blonde and 2k4 are the most used nonlondon mystic codes. If you have spare rps, and art using them for lores, ces, or anything else, then you should get them.

I feel like you should just get bond grails until you have a need for either mystic code. No real reason to rush a mystic code if you do not have a need for it yet. At least that is my plan and I want anniversary blonde. But since I am newer, I am not going to get any rare prisms until next summer, so I have to be way more conservative.

If you have a steady stream of them incoming and just want something to level, they are definitely more valuable than anything else in the shop. You can only buy one bond grail a month, so if your storage is decent, it is not like waiting makes a difference.


The image I had of that Lantern of Chaldea was Jeanne on motion, looking back while holding a flag…that event CE lol

And yup, bond grails are worth using on max bonded servants you keep on using: like Waver, Skadi, Arash, etc.

Also @Chococake, I thought you’re a veteran player…? I think I’ve been seeing you around here for quite some time…

Are the mystic codes more worthwhile than chaldea lunchtime if you already have teatime? :thinking:

And is there any other way of getting bond grails than RP shop?

I’ve also been wondering about how to best spend my rare prisms. :cat:

Between code remuvers/lantern of Chaldea and Anniversary Blond/Royal Brand, i say that the only mystic code that is worthy of the RPs is Anniversary Blond. The lantern a Chaldea is only worthy for a servant that you use a lot, but i think that the first lantern of Chaldea is supposed to be free


Anni Blonde is worth it I’d say, the Buster Buff and the Crit Stars can definitely be useful, especially if you don’t have servants like Merlin!


I’m not sure about Royal Brand , but Anni Blonde I think is worth it especially after you’ve obtained those 1 prism CEs (ML, CLT, PT). It’s an MC that provides alternative solo strats and is largely helpful on Buster crit comps. Between the MCs and the other items you’ve mentioned, I personally rate the former higher on the necessity scale for diversifying one’s gameplay options in general.

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Reminds me that those things are 1 gold box each. Although, with 6 open that’s another missed MC’s worth…

Regarding the impeccable tuxedo suit and the dress, I’d say go for it. Blondie has more obvious applications with its red-up/stars-on-demand/guts package, but I found Royal to definitely have its uses. Green-up slots in nicely for 2xSkadoodle setups, the 2nd skill does help redirect stars and Sure Hit has its uses here and there.

To add my two cents on this: Anni Blonde can be worth it; Royal Brand is pretty much a nope though.

Realistically, the only things of value in the RP shop for non-whales (e.g assuming only free RP from event reruns) are bond/QP increase CEs that you may have missed (Lunchtime, Mona Lisa, etc.), Chaldea Dream Flames (Bond grails) and Anni Blonde. Everything else simply too expensive or not enough value to consider buying.

Anni Blonde is a decent MC, but realistically, you’re supposed to have better options in general that don’t cost you 5 RP to unlock. The only scenarios in which Anni Blonde is the best MC is for some specific raid 1T kill setups that rely on a Buster DPS critting on top of their NP to oneshot the boss. For anything else, Plugsuit can do literally everything Anni Blonde can do for you and more: 60% Buster up is easy to exceed with plugsuit, instant stars can be reproduced by putting a CE like Golden Carp or the upcoming Quetzmas CE on the servant you’re switching in, and targetable Guts is becoming more common as well (the cheapest way for anyone to get it will be with Asclepius when LB4 drops; otherwise Paracelsus is a 3* servant who provides it along with a chunky NP gain buff, and otherwise there is Irisviel (welfare), Quetz, Summer Nero, Scheherazade who provide it from the top of my head, and it’s niche utility in the first place).

That being said, Anni Blonde is still good in a vacuum and thus not a waste to pick up - provided you have already picked up the other worthwhile stuff in the RP shop already; that is, Lunchtime/Mona Lisa and enough Chaldea Dreamflames to cover all your bond 10+ servants. Generally speaking, Dream Flames are where most of your RP should go (since they are effectively 3 RP for 30 SQ), but once you actually have more than you have servants at bond 10+ to use them on, adding additional ones to a stock you will only use up very slowly doesn’t have much of a purpose.

Royal Brand is not a good pickup at all, though. Its skills are either in a useless niche or don’t provide enough value to be useful in Quick teams, with Skadi already providing massive amounts of Quick up making the damage buff suffer heavily from diminishing returns, Star Gather either being found naturally on most servants that want to crit or quick teams already producing excessive amounts of stars anyway, and Sure hit being both rarely needed and replicable with CEs or other tools. Not worth it outside of collector purposes.


How much are the Lanterns

3 RPs

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That’s fairly expensive! :fgo_badciv:

Luckily I am not in a rush thank to team rotation.

The first one is selled on the release campaign of LB 3 for mana prisms, if i’m not wrong, and we also get some free ones on some events


Paracelsus is the current cheapest targetable guts, and it includes NP gain.


Anni Blonde can also be good in some challenge quest strats where you spam guts effects. This is a niche application though. The main application is for buster teams.

How did I forget the most obvious one? :fgo_insane:

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It’s all right. The rest of your post was good. I keep wanting to get both of those Mystic Codes.