Is it worth giving Caeda Pegasus Flight?

I summoned on the Mythic Banner for Edelgard merges and I got a -Spd Fiora. I already have one with perfect IVs, so I’m considering giving her Pegasus Flight to my Caeda since she’s +10. Another candidate is Camilla since she’s also +10. Although Caeda is the only one I use between them as an AR scorebot. I know Clair is another option and I have a +Atk copy, she’s a 4-star and I don’t plan to upgrade her for a while since I have other merge projects I’m thinking abut working on (Robin, Kagero, Matthew, etc.).

  • Yes
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What’s her B skill now? Desperation?

Caeda is one of the very few good candidates, so I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all.

maybe you meant Arena?

She’s one of the highest Res f2p fliers so I say go for it :feh_flaynfish:

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If you take a lineup of all the sword, lance, and axe fliers, only Fiora has better base Spd and Res than her, making Caeda the number one FTP choice for Pegasus Flight. Sigrun is a very close second; she has one point less Spd than Caeda but much higher Atk, but she costs a lot of Grails to merge.

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I mean, I think Pegasus Flight is a terrible skill, but Caeda’s like…the best option for it, so if you want to try it out, go for it.

Her B-skills are Desperation and Renewal.

Right. AA. I mix the acronyms up.

Cries in no @

I mean I’m late but YES!

She’s practically the best user of it. There’s only like 5 or so units that can use it properly, and Caeda is one of them.

It’s 100% her best option. Except like WoM in GC or ARO but this isn’t for that lol. It’s a lot better than Desperation for sure. I’m giving mine Pego Flight once I get Fiora’s flowers and maybe max HM


@nobody625 :fgo_ereshlove:

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Thank you all for the feedback.