Is it worth giving DR to Eirika?

So, I pulled a third Drunk Ike while sparking on this banner. I don’t even really use the one I have, so I figured I would fodder the other two. Now, DR is premium fodder, even if it isn’t spurn, so I was fine being patient and waiting. Now that I have two, however, this opens up an opportunity. That being, as the title suggests, do I give it to my already +10 Eirika?

This is her current build (Obviously would switch to +spd when I get a copy if I change to DR). I used to use her with Kaden and L!Eliwood for a cool +22 or so to all stats, but visible buffs are harder to use these days and Eirika in general is also harder to use. ~47 speed also just seems too low for DR; although she can get buffs, so can enemies (and Lulls exist). Thoughts?

And @Thehalohedgehog since I think you have a DR Eirika


If you’re going to use her, then the answer is almost 100% yes. It also matters where you’ll be using her though.


She can use it well yeah, especially if you’re smart about using her prf for the stat stacking.