Is it worth leveling up all of my SSR and SR

So far, I now have 9 SSR and 19 SR (not including Mash) and I have been thinking of leveling them up to the limits. Is it worth leveling all of them?

  1. Depends on who they are, not all golds are great.
  2. Depends on how much qp you have
  3. CAN you do it? Leveling so many servants is a long term thing, you normally should level everyone over time.
  4. Do you have a solid farming team?
  5. How many monuments and statues you have?


But i suggest you to cover all your bases first.

I mean, you should level up 2-3 servant of each class just to be sure that you can take almost any kind of scenario and situation.

Then, level up all the rest.

Leveling up servants is useful because:

1- more versatility. The more servants you have, the more squad compositions you can make.

2- Rank ups / Interludes. Servants usually comes with Rank ups and interludes. These small events give you sqz and upgrades on NP/Skill.

If you need SQZ, Rank ups and interludes are a emergency solution.

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Can we get a screen shot?

Or at the very least a list

Are your resources limited? No, focus on a few in each class.

Are your resources not so limited after degenerate farming a couple of lotteries? Absolutely level everyone! Each servant usually has at least one niche where they’ll perform better than your favorite in class. This game rewards diversity. My go to lancer is enkidu, but sometimes vlad (ugly as he is) is better due to his anti evil bonus, invincibility pierce, and taunt to act as makeshift battery.

60mil QP I have if mistaken, it’s prob not enough for all of my servants

That’s not even enough for a 5*. 9 to 10 skill level needs 20 mil QP.

Is it this wat u asked for?

Is it worth leveling up all SSR and SR? That would really depend on you. Some just raise their favorites while others for gameplay. Some even leave them gathering dust in the second archive.

But why not? All of them would at least be useful at some point. I myself have even been planning to take the extra step and raise all units I have even the lower rarity ones. Just don’t burn yourself up trying to raise them all at the same time. Take it slow at your own pace. Determine which you want to prioritize (either servants you favor for character or gameplay) and give them the first bite of the resources. Your other lesser priorities you could just give resources when you have an excess of them. Ember dumping especially on lotto events are a thing afterall.

Beautiful, Is this all?

The thing that stands out the most, Waver need to be priority. His skills as well if you can.

After waver, work on skadi if you want.

If going the Skadi route first , you want to work on Par and Valkyrie since they work really well with skadi and looping shenanigan’s.

I dont really have much to say on a min.- Max viewpoint, but on a personal view point i would lvl all of them listed here.

Ooooooh, I was kinda confused of leveling up Parvati and Valkyrie bcuz I heard people say that their bad due to their low damage. However, they have good star gen rate after all.

You have a nice set of SSRsand SRs. You can probably max level all of them within a span of months. Take advantage of the half AP on the ember dailies. Finish ascending and leveling all of those you have started on then move on to the others unless you’re blocked by mat requirements.

By themselves, they could work as decent wave clearers on lower to mid HP thresholds. But since you have Skadi and Waver, you can go along with the double Skadi comps if you also have a Kaleidoscope as both are compatible with it. Do note you have to raise Skadi’s skills to 10/x/10 as its completely necessary for it to work. Extra NP levels from the free SR ticket on them would also make their performance more consistent.

On how to they work, you can refer here:

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Just checking if any of these SR’s are useful for battle

Nice, thx for the suggestion. I’ll surely level Skadi and her skills to the maximum level and buff my Parvati and Valkyrie!

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Oh lord, Martha should be your #1 Priority!

Ok, you actually have a good team for Skadi loops. But it will be a hell of a grind for all the mats/ qp.

Waver will benefit your entire roster , So i still say sticck to waver and skadi looping will happen over time.

From those set of SRs, Lancer Alter, Summer Ishtar, Summer Mordred, Parvati, Valkyrie, Tomoe, Nitocris, Helena, Carmilla, TamaCat and Lancelot are the more commendable ones.

Lancer Alter - High base NP damage with good Mana Burst and meh Charisma. She’s good at wiping out waves and can even be used in boss slaying in the right circumstances. Her 2nd skill grants her Crit damage increase, stars and star gather. With the right set up she does absurd crit damage.

Summer Ishtar - decent wave clearer especially since you can NP5 her as she’s a welfare. Can work with supports as a crit servant but not really that great at it on her own. Has party utility as her 1st skill grants parts buster and quick card buff.

Summer Mordred - I’m afraid I can’t give you a more detailed evaluation of her as I don’t have her. The most noticeable thing about her from an outside perspective is that she can really loop her NP well though that needs specific support. Paracelsus with his rank up, Tamamo, Nero Bride, CasGil and some others could probably help with this.

Nitocris - Leveling her skills tp 10/8/x would allow her to clear two waves by herself if you have a way of charging an NP bar on your own (usually starting CE NP charge+NP charge from supports or Mystic codes). Granted this only works if the mobs don’t have high death resist. You can also go the dps route with her if you give her a Black Grail or any NP damage enhancing CE as her 2nd skill fully fills her NP gauge at level 8.

Parvati, Valkyrie, Lancelot - While each have their own specific strengths, they’re really on the spotlight right now as all of them are DSS compatible. You can refer to the video link I posted before regarding this.

Tomoe - Decent ST archer though you have Orion whose probably better at this. Can work as a crit servant due to her star gather. Her utility gives her leverage as she’s able to give party attack increase + party star drop increase. Her NP interlude in the future would increase her damage significantly.

Helena - One of the best support servants in the game not counting the 4 SSR caster supports of which you have 2 of. Her party NP charge and 3 color card steroid really makes her a very good garming support. She can even clear a wave herself using her NP + her 2nd skill steroid. Skill prioritization is 1>3>2.

Carmilla - One of the best ST assassin in the game. She’s got: healing, NP drain + self NP charge, crit down, star production and def down. Aside from this, she has her anti female niche which greatly boosts her NP damage. Good damage overall with built in NP attack up steroid. She can consistently NP spam in the right conditions by producing stars with her quick cards then critting with them with her arts card due to her high internal NP gain.

TamaCat - Zerk wave clearer wih a decent bulk due to her NP healing her plus her def skill and invul. Her recent rank up mitigates her NP demerit as it prevents her from stunning herself.

What’s more, these servants’ performance can be boosted due to you having Waver and Skadi. Skadi’s Quick steroid especially buffs NP damage and star production from quick cards. Parvati, Valkyrie, Lancelot, TamaCat and Summer Ishtar really appreciate her support.

That’s not to say your other SRs are unusable. Edison would become a decent Caster support after his buffs. Summer Scath is still one of your best Rider wave clearer outside of the SSR assassins. You get what I mean. You can always have a use for any of these servants. None of them are a complete throwaway as long as you have the knowhow of how to use them efficiently even if some are more situational.

Sorry for the long post. Hope this helps even if just a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

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other than orion, rider ishtar and lancer medusa all of them worth raising. If i were you i would max level them all but if you dont have resources focus on 5 stars then 4 stars…

Lol I waited so long for u to finish your comment but anyways thx for the information for the recommended servants listed. I rly appreciate it

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I can understand Medusa Lancer, as she’s waiting for her buffs still, and Orion I guess you could argue isn’t a priority, but why Rider Ishtar? Her AoE buffs are pretty nice and her evade/crit skill is decent. Third skill has an annoying demerit, but can still have some use. NP is kinda basic, but does the job.


If you have the resources, Yes.

But my stance on this is that you level them ONLY, and not the skills. Sure some will say that raising them would be too costly and would not be as efficient, but I would probably stubbornly raise them to their max level, and work on the skills later on. As long as you have the materials for ascension, then go wild. Your 60m is enough for just Ascending, forget about the skills with that kind of budget.

Short answer: Yes


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