Is it worth merging Ash?

So I’ve got my arena legendary units merged up, and I’m now considering starting aether raids (AR has always intimidated me, so I only do auto-dispatch atm).

This new Ash mythic seems like a great place to make a start with, and merging her up will improve scoring in AR for me (I have a +9 Ashera from trying to merge L!Claude so Astra season is sorted). I only have 900 orbs so I’m unlikely to get the full merges, but it would be a solid start for me.

  • Get as many merges as possible
  • Just spark and wait for a better chance
  • Keep saving orbs

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If the question involves ash, the answer is always yes :cow:


I would say merges are worth it because Ash seems like a really good unit to me

She has good tanking potential and she’s a good character if that influences you at all

I think she can also be good in AR with how her skills work :feh_flaynyay:


Considering the L/M banner hell, since players don’t usually want all three units in the colorshare… now and the likely rerun banner from FB revival votations are the best times to summon for Ash. Unless a really surprising banner happens. A 3-unit one with Ash for example.

But I think you’re generally fine with only a few merges. It doesn’t take a whole lot of merges to get into a comfy range for staying in VOH if you tried hard enough.


Also, know that Ash will likely get another spark, so don’t feel compelled to complete merging her rn.


HolyCow! has decent–although not extremely rare–fodder, so that’s something.

But unless it’s obvious you won’t use a mythic–or they’re an Ullr–it’s probably best to get the merge points if you intend to try in AR, IMHO


Because of how 8% banner rates work, now will be your best time to merge her if all you want is her specifically. She’s definitely one of the better Light Mythics, too, and you can even use her in Arena during Light season for scoring (because she’ll gain the blessing of whatever seasonal legendary you have).

She’ll be on this month’s 8% banner as well, which is currently blank in terms of colorless units, so there’s a decent chance that whatever new legendary we get is also colorless. If you’re good on legendaries, that wouldn’t be ideal.

There’s a chance this banner will be voted in for a rerun too, although TBH, I think it’s not a very high chance.


Yeah, we all get a free one, so I have doubts we see a groundswell from the players to try for more on a rerun


Reginn and More did get voted for again though and that was with the Sacred Stones characters and Reginn was free so I think this banner has a decent chance but not guaranteed imo


Her competition is the Por banner and besides Volke and Laegjarn flower the rest is not that great ( and I am saying this despite loving the Tellius games) It looks like Ash has got a very positive reception and awakening is still a very popular/ beloved game by many so I would not be surprise if she wins.

It remains to be seen based on what comes before and after

Brave and Ashen Wolves are shortly before this one and very likely to win reruns, and who knows what will come after

The only “And More” banner that’s gotten a rerun so far is Reginn’s (poor Mirabilis is still in purgatory) so that’s why I’m not holding my breath.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think folks are going to be as excited for the rest of the units on this banner the way Duessel and Selena were. Maybe I am misremembering but Selena at least was a sought after unit considering her skills.

Are people really excited about the rest of the units on this banner?


Yes, this was my thought, too

I saw a TON of people wanting to pull Duessel and/or Selena for merges or fodder

The units aside from Ash here seem to be getting very lukewarm reception. I know Priam in particular is quite the controversial character.


Brave and Múspell will be rerunning before Ash and more is an option. The main competition for now is the Fjorm banner ( if it doesn’t win against Múspell and the recent Por banner) I am thinking the next in line are Fe 6 and Jugdral games so it depends on how good they are and the new ascended.


It’s not a slam dunk either way. But I think time isn’t on the side of this one getting a rerun unless we see just a cratering in quality of new units this book

This is the best banner to get merges on her. The colorsharing on 8% banners might turn the favors against you.

Reginn won the revival because it also had very solid units on that banner. Mirabilis is still waiting for over a year - she’s the hard carry of that banner - and Ash’s banner isn’t that impressive considering the best units are free.
I don’t think her banner will be revived. Unless my memory is incorrect, Peony didn’t get a revival either.


So I decided to get the spark.

I only got one extra copy of her on the way to that spark (I also brok my pity rate with a copy of Basilio… pain+).

With 720-ish orbs left (plus new story orbs and quite a lot of unfinished chain challenges), I feel like I’d only get her around to +5 or +6 if I’m lucky. Is that worth it?


How many merges does she have atm with the spark out of the way?

Edit: Also what are your other goals besides Ash

Most of my mythics are +1, that’s enough to achieve top 3000.


Factoring the free one, the one I’ve pulled and the spark, I would have her at +2 if I merged her.

As for other goals… I’m not too sure. I’ve already got 3 seasons worth of legendary heroes sorted, so I just thought that AR would be my next goal I suppose. Although saving for favourites/fodder is always an option.

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