Is it worth raising servants who have similar roles/skill sets?


Hello everyone,
Is it recommended to raise a servant if you already have a someone that fulfills a similar role or has similar skills? For example, raising Hans Christian Andersen when you already have Merlin or raising Tristan if you already have David.
These probably aren’t the best examples and one can argue that they each have distinct roles, but it’s the only ones I can think of right now. Thanks in advance.


If you don’t have anyone else to level, then by all means.

Leveling lower rarity units, in particular, allows for more flexibility with CEs, which is very useful for events.


Short term? No. Once you have a servant that is both leveled, and has it’s skills high enough that it can fulfill it’s roll, you usually don’t need a second.

Medium term? Yes. Mainly because (using your example from above) having someone like Hans ready to go when you already have a Merlin is helpful if there’s a low cost alternative that you can use when you’re running tight on a team cost wise.

Long term? Yes! This is mainly due to how the more you use a servant, the more quickly you’ll max bond it. By having alternatives that you can use instead, you can spread the bond points around, thus upping your ability to get Golden Fruit and Free SQ from bond points, rather than just using someone who’s at Max Bond where you won’t get that stuff anymore.


Lower rarity servants might also end up giving bonuses for events, so it’s worthwhile to have some 1-3* leveled and ready for use.


FGO is a game that, gameplay-wise, is fundamentally about having the right tools for the job, and having a varied tool-set helps with that. And even though two servants might be very similar tools, they’re all slightly different at the very least, and might be a little bit better suited for the job at hand and make your life easier. But, as mentioned above, this is more of a long-term approach, and you first get a servant leveled and skilled up for each role you want to fill, before filling out within that role.


Short term with limited resources, not really unless you are moving up in rarity for the vastly superior stats.

Long term with a lot more available resources, maybe. With your example of David and Tristan, yes they form the same role of group evade and st np. But David has further defense and group attack up while Tristan has np gain, enemy crit down, and a is quick based with high hitcout to generate stars. So if you have both, you can have group defense and support or group defense and quicker np and stars.

And different servants will be bonus at different events, so there is that. But lvl 1 vs max level will still give the same bonus assuming you can clear with the rest of the team.

And some quest limit servant choice like last Halloween. If only knights are allowed and you only leveled David…


Spoiler for the next 2 years:
There’s a mission from DW that gives you HUGE amount of quartz based on the amount of strengthening quests and interludes you’ve done.
If you have spare resources, do try to at least raise lower rarity servants (and SRs if yio can) to unlock their quests.


Thanks for the heads up. Now I’m gonna go and do strengthening quests and interludes xD


Honestly, that’s going to be a real killer for me, as I have tonnes of 1-3 star servants still at level 1 :sweat_smile:
And hero of Proofs probably one of the material that is going to be in highly demand…

Edit: Is there a link to give us a guide how does the SQ measured against the completion of interlude being completed?


I think having 2 servants of the same role is really good for farming dailies and events although not always. But like the others said, you should level up the lower rarity servants first because they’ll really help your deployment cost on early levels (1-120).

For those looking for more explanation about the extra missions @DS1996 mentioned, you can check here: Extra Missions


Are these extra SQ rewards available whenever you complete the interludes/ strengthening quest? Or were they event based so you only obtain them within particular time frame?

eg. the extra 30SQ you gain for completing Babylon before Solomon was released


I think it’s not event based and it will probably be available on the 2nd year anniversary.


OK…I guess it makes a massive difference as in one put players under lot more pressure to ascend as much servant as possible while the other still give people a bit of leeway…


It seems more daunting than it actually is. Barring certain SRs and SSRs, the mat requirements for ascensions are not that extreme. Especially for lower rarity servants. Just take your time. We have another year and a half.

The skill levelling, on the other hand is a giant material sinkhole.


Well I guess if they have set it up more towards like a milestone achievements, then it is lot more achievable than event based. It’s like who would able to obtain 190 servant (with interludes) that are new into the game? Unless they set it up for people who spent fair amount of money into the game


Another thing to remember is that there is always the possibility of a Servants skill or NP being improved vastly that will make them far more desirable.

You mentioned Hans earlier, he recently got buffed pretty hard.
His Innocent monster is now a targetable NP battery plus star generation.
Up to 10% for 3 turns plus 15 stars per turn with a low 5 turn Cooldown is pretty nice.
While Merlin can do the same thing it would still require him using his NP twice or thrice in short order to match those values.
The disadvantage is obviously the material cost to raise the skills.