Is it worth Rolling for Reines?

Pretty much what the question say. I’m also planning to roll for both Jeanne and Okita Alter.
This is my current SR & SSR roster:
Saber: Mordred, Miyamoto Musashi, Arthur Pendragon (Prototype), Lancelot (NP2), Nero Claudius, Siegfried, Suzuka Gozen, Gawain, Altria Pendragon (Alter), Altria Pendragon (Lily) (NP5), Cevalier d’Eon (NP4), Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Elisabeth Bathory (Brave) (NP5)
Archer: Ishtar, Arjuna (NP2), Nikola Tesla, Atalante, Archer of Inferno, Chloe von Einzbern (NP5), Emiya (NP4), Oda Nobunaga (NP5), Anne Bonny & Mary Read
Lancer: Scathach, Ereshkigal, Elisabeth Bathory (NP2), Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily (NP5), Parvati (NP3), Altria Pendragon (Alter), Vlad III (EXTRA)
Rider: Ozymandias, Iskandar, Ishtar (NP5), Marie Antoinette, Astolfo (NP2), Sakata Kintoki (NP1)
Caster: Nero Claudius (NP2), Scathach-Skadi, Tamamo-no-Mae, Caster of the Nightless City, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Gilgamesh (NP2), Nitocris, Caster of Midrash, Helena Blavatsky, Miya Edelfelt
Assassin: Cleopatra, Kama, Ryougi Shiki (NP5), Scathach (NP5), Assassin of the Nightless City, Carmilla, Assassin of Paraiso (NP5), Yu Mei-ren
Berserker: Mysterious Heroine X (Alter), Florence Nighingale, Vlad III (NP2), Atalante (Alter), Berserker of El Dorado (NP2), Heracles, Frankenstein, Ibaraki-Douji, Lancelot
Ruler: Amakusa Shirou
Avenger: Gorgon
Alter Ego: Sitonai, Passionlip, Mech Eli-chan (NP5)

Looks like you don’t have Waver, I would roll for him instead since he’s better and fits into almost any team.


No. She isn’t. Waver is a good 50%, but you could get him off free 5*ticket. Merlin this summer seems like your best pick up for supports for this year. Reines is the least needed 50% charger due to her annoyingly highly star weight: a star vortex. She can’t charge 50% until nearly castoria era, where castoria exists, and she’ll fulfill your arts 50% charging needs.
For now, stick with skadi
Also @R3dsabErf , it is a REALLY BAD IDEA to post that much info about your acc anywhere, I advise you just show your supports. PPl can steal your account like that


Reines is pretty underwhelming until her strengthening next year, which makes her a side grade from Waver.

If you don’t have Waver, you roll on Waver solo rate-ups. Don’t ask questions, just do it.

Next year she will become a second Waver, so short answer yes she is totally worthy

She becomes “better Waver” in the context of buffing and charging a single attacker once her strengthening hits, but I’d agree that she’s the most optional major support for most purposes, especially this year.


Is raw 40% attack really better than 30% attack + 50% crit damage up?

Big 4 on jp (imo): castoria, skadi, merlin, waver. All others I don’t consider to be big supports. They are good, but not the best of the best. Notice lack of reines. She doesn’t fit in buster since buster crits are the lifeblood of the card type, and she shifts that kind of team into “how do I keep my support from critting, buster edition” and is unneeded in q/a since they have their own 50% chargers


Bottom line: Waver is coming up. Waver is unambiguously amazing for literally anyone. Reines will be about equal to Waver in a year, at which point she gets another rate-up.

Get Waver now, consider getting Reines next year if you want another Waver.


Thanks for the warning, though I wouldn’t think that a list of a person’s SR & SSR servants would be enough to track an individual account, let alone steal it?

It is. All you need is enough info. If someone malicious in the future adds you, and gets info about levels on at least a few of your 4*, your master level, fc, master name, and a bunch of your 5*, all they gotta do is email support, and they’ll have your acc. All that can be derived by just adding you


I think you’re fine. Big YouTube whales like TohouSniper98 post monthly status reports about their accounts and they don’t get stolen. Worst-case scenario, you have actual receipts and payment info to prove your ownership.


That’s because they have a lotta reciepts and proof. No one is dumb enough to try. On the wiki, astonishingly enough, someone straight up got their jp account swiped

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I guess if you are true F2P and thus have no payment history, it’s possible. Seems unlikely to be a problem on such a relatively low-population community like GP.

Fair enough

I would recommend geting Reines as fast as possible, for now she just have 3 banners, Lady Reines, the interlude campaign and Lady Reines Rerun that haven’t happen yet.
Geting her at the first banner would be be best option, so you can save for better things around those dates

Op, if you like her, roll
For gameplay, she offers next to 0 value for your box

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I should be okay then, I keep all of my receipts, as well as an up to date and detailed list of any details that might be needed to recover my account as a precaution.

I’m thinking I might skip her this time then, I want the two Alters way more :slight_smile:


Then go ahead, roll first for what you like, is one of the most important thing on the end