Is it worth spending sqs to make Altria Pendragon Lancer Alter NP4 to NP5?

Would it be worth spending sqs to make my Lalter NP4 to NP5?

Any suggestions or advices will be very helpful and appreciated in deciding whether I should roll to make her NP5 or be satisfied with NP4 and hope to summon her in the I don’t know when in the future.

I have no interests in rolling for Lancer class-based summoning campaigns.
Lastly, I got everything I wanted in Garden of Sinners Collaboration banner except perhaps making my Lalter NP5.

Thanks in advance!

Well, the other alternative is to summon on the London Singularity 3rd Anniversary Skadi banner (that’s her next and possibly only other rate-up, as I didn’t see others on her wiki profile). Whichever you prefer, if you don’t want to summon on lancer-class banners.

As for whether it’s worth it, I’d say probably not if there isn’t anyone else you want on the banner, as the 4th and 5th NP upgrades aren’t as significant. Nice to have, but not usually needed.

Just use your next 4* ticket on her

From np4 to np5 there is never really that much difference, unless you want somehow the full overcharge bonus.

The optimal np level is 3. Np 4 and 5 does not offer that much more damage.

I say, for gameplay np3.

For love np5