Is it worth summoning for Flora guide?

Since I plan to build M!Robin soon, so I was considering summoning for the Floral Guide tome.

However, I only have 50+ orbs, so I’m not sure if I can get it. Also, is the flora guide tome any good on him? Just want to make sure it’s worth it.

Probably. Flora Guide is pretty much the only way he can keep up with some of the other blue mages as far as speed is concerned (Brunnya for example) and if you want to give him multiple builds then having an a flesh bag of high + balanced stats is a good thing.

But being so low on orbs… Don’t expect anything good.

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Reckon +atk or +spd would work better for M!Robin? I’m leaning towards +atk myself.

Honestly, it largely depends on what fodder you have, or will get.

+Spd is good for offensive/mixed phase sets, but if you don’t have any of the good offensive tomes (and most are seasonal if I’m remembering right) then you’re pretty much stuck with his prf weapon and the sloppy second f2p weapons.

Flora Guide, Spooky Censer, Vessel of Cheer, and Juicy Wave are good, but, again, seasonal. If you don’t have these weapons, then I don’t really know if it’s worth taking a speed boon.

Then again, +Spd and +Res are arguably his best boons, so…

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Well, just tried to get the floral guide. 61 orbs later and no luck… just great.
The game decided to give me a dumb harmonised Mia instead. While nice, she ISN’T THE TARGET.