Is it worth to level Formal Craft to level 100 for Arts Loopers

Is it worth to level Formal Craft to level 100 for Arts Loopers? In comparison to Black Grail or Royal Icing


I asked the question a few months ago and this was the answer I got:

It’s also worth pointing out that Art of the Poisonous Snake has a higher Arts buff (but lower attack).


Imo, no, not really.

If you’re Arts looping, more likely than not you’re using DCS already, which already provides 100% Arts and 60% NP Gain buffs. And depending on the used CEs, Arts Chains, and/or Mana Loading, the two Casturias can provide anywhere from 40% ATK to upwards of 100%.

In terms of damage, Arts buff is already stacked, with a potentially equally stacked ATK buff, so you’d be better off with Black Grail for the NP damage buff.

For additional refund (or just NP charging), assuming you aren’t restricting yourself for one reason or another, plugsuit would be better to slot in the likes of Tamamo, Bride, Waver, etc…


With DCS, even if you have heaven’s feel it will do more damage most likely since the arts on craft is just additive to Castoria arts buffs, but NP damage up in DCS is way more valuable because it will multiply off the arts buffs. Black grail is obviously best unless you need refund then painting summer, magical girl of sapphire, see emptiness as the path, and mark of a smiling face are all better at that though painting summer gives the least attack out of all the options being split between attack/defense and only being a 10% arts buff at MLB.


It’s just the thing is, I use SKiara for most of my looping with her battery append unlocked and sometimes my refund comes up short like 1/2/4/5% sometimes (I have a maxed Royal Icing and level 40 BG) and I found out when I use Formal Craft, those loops that barely fail, succeed all of a sudden. I don’t wanna bother with plugging in extra supports. I don’t have MGoS or Smiling Face (big F) so those three CEs are my only go-to Arts CEs.

If Formal Craft already works to help your refund issues, then just use it as is. There’s no need to level it up to 100. The increase in ATK won’t raise the damage by that much, so it likely won’t even affect whether or not you can get extra refund via hitting overkill sooner.

The extra ATK certainly helps if you need it for hitting damage thresholds to 3T a node, but it wouldn’t necessarily help with additional refund.

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Makes sense.

If you can wait 6 more months, the welfare CE from summer 6 will be better than formal craft for arts looping.

I personally loop S.Kiara with Bond CEs and Tropical Summer if I’m 3 turning conventional quests.

For awkward stuff you need order changed Waver. I would actually recommend, out of what we have on NA, Holy Night Supper or Demonic Sun Princess if your issue is making the loop. If those fail then Kaleidoscope or run a 2DPS comp woth a ST Servant.

Ouch. MGoS can practically guarantee looping due to the 40/50% starting charge and 25/30% boost . I got a copy, and it’s amazingly good at stabilizing DCS loops even if not MLB. Even better that it’s pure Atk. I hope for a future re-run tied to a waifu.

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It was available for JP last year during the Prisma Illya Licht Movie campaign. They are probably going to rebrand the banner and it’s possible that it gets released at a different time than when JP got it.


Thanks! I’ve looking forward to Miyu’s upgrade.

We’ve already had the blu-ray, just like how we’ve had the BD for Paladin;Agateram but don’t have the 2nd Camelot buffs/banners or grail front.

Why didn’t they just run it for “back to school”?!

It’s hard to tell what they are going to do with these Commemoration banners, they also moved the Melty Blood Artoria banner a full year ahead from JP’s release. It would have been nice to have added them to the back to school banner but I guess Ecchan would have been out place and it would have just been a Prisma Illya banner at that point. Sometimes we just don’t get those banners like Epic of Remnant Episode I Comic Release.