Is it worth to MLB Purely Bloom?

So I’ve finished the CQ and make working setup for farming all node without MLB this ce.

Do you think it’s still useful outside this event? Also I don’t have Black Grail CE yet. That’s why I’m considering this CE. I just wonder if this CE worth as the replacement for BG…

To be honest its pretty bad. Might aswell MLB it for the event, i doubt you need more than 1 pure damage dealer for the 200% damage buff.

Outside event i think its too slow, i would personally never use it. Heavens feel is same effect but instant (40:50% np strength) but harder to mlb, not that 10% dif is much.

I dont really even use normal black grail much unless i want to get into some weird buff stacking np looping one shot stuff. CE that have charge and more instant basic effects are probably better. But i guess its fine if you are doing multi wave quest where your main damage dealer is saving np for final wave, but they also have to be able to build gauge themselves or with teammates.

edit: overall its pretty meh and because of the effect, non mlb is not much different to mlb, since it retains 5% strength each turn, with mlb only increasing max to 50% instead of 40%. So i guess you could just leave it non-limit broken, but its not exactly much use to have 5 of them, it doesnt work for benched members. And i doubt all 3 front line need np strength.

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If you use it for 3T, non limit broken will give the same bonus as MLB which is 10% NP Atk up.
You need to reach the 11th turn to reach the MLB’s full potential.

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For the event yes. Otherwise no. Star and Bloom are garbage, don’t bother with them more than you want/is necessary.

I don’t have black grail either, but most of the time I want it is for high damage benchmark 3T farming. And when 3T farming…well bloom just doesn’t cut it. The ramp up time to almost match black grail…just ruins it for me. I’d much rather equip heaven’s feel or maxed hns than bloom tbh.

I MLB’ed it, fed it a CE bomb to get it to level 50, and put it on Musashi to wreck everything. After the event, I will feed it to my Aerial Drive with no regrets.

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I’m not even planning to MLB either CE for the event. I can get what I want (1M for all of Lily’s copies) I think from Galaxy and all but the last few dailies. Since my main DPS are all SSRs, I run into cost issues running more than 3 SSR CEs at once, so having them separate doesn’t matter, and spending the currency for Bloom means I have to farm more to make up for it–with my only bonus being +1 for bronze.