Is it worth trying to merge Sothis?

With her being present on this hero fest, I was wondering if the value is good enough to try merging her (due to her mythic status and all. I do have 180+ orbs atm, so it seems unlikely to me. I have been saving to get the last two merges on my L!Chrom.

  • Give it a shot
  • It’s not worth it

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Also, if I don’t summon for Sothis, would it be worth aiming for Bernie with the tickets for fodder?

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Well I mean… if you are going to merge her this is the best chance you have to get them… and I mean she’s a good unit

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What Vader said pretty much. If you’re gonna merge her do so right now.

She is good at high merges, and she is good for ARD at high merges and scores for MS

Honestly, the main reason I’m considering merging her is because of the potential value. However, I’m not sure if 180 orbs +tickets will give me enough copies where I feel like it would be worth the orb investment.

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I wouldn’t personally. Especially with how good Time’s Pulse is :feh_sothispout:


180 orbs and tickets isn’t that many. You could get maybe three or four, (maybe I’m being pessimistic idk what the actual math is).

Reasons to merge

  1. She’s cute
  2. She has a fun personality
  3. She’s voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris
  4. She’s pretty good as a unit
  5. She scores very well in Arena-type modes
  6. Lift loss reduction

Reasons not to merge

  1. Lowkey the worst dark mythic
  2. Valuable fodder, but not THAT valuable imo

Up to you.


Honestly… I wish it was Líf rather than Sothis… it would totally be worth for me to summon for more copies of him


Yeah, I checked the previous hero fest on the summon simulator. Getting a good amount of merges looks HIGHLY improbable.

Upon reflection, I’ve gotten increasingly hesitant on the idea. Maybe I should just use the tickets and leave it at that to keep my orb stash safe.


I just spent 180 orbs and wanted a Sothis or my first Bernadetta, ended up just getting one Karel and a huge portion of salt. I deeply regret that I spent my orbs here.

I hope you are luckier than me if you plan to go on this banner.


Yeah if she’s not gonna be a long term merge project and she isn’t already then I reckon just save. Your stash could definitely afford to be a bit larger

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Yikes that’s unfortunate. That’s the exact kind of scenario I’m afraid of.

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I was tempted as well,so I spent 84 orbs for a Laegjarn and Tiki…I’ll call it quits here


I wish that also happened to me…

Guess it’s time to get more orbs for Pirate Tibarn again…and call it quits for the L/M banner, as much as I want to do a second turn there, but I can’t go on everything. And CYL4 are coming too.

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What other reason do you need.

This banner will end before CYL4 so if you want merges, get them now.

I got two Sothises and a pitybreaker Ike in 230 Orbs so that’s a generous estimate, lol

Frankly it’s rather unlikely you’ll get more than one with that Orb count. That said, this is the absolute best odds she’ll ever have, so if you intend to merge her, now is the best time to do so.

I cut myself off for now but I’m thinking I’ll try for at least one more copy before the Hero Fest ends because my luck pulling her on the 8% banners has been atrocious.


My pessimist estimate is one copy. My optimist estimate is four.

Really I think you should be able to get two, at least by my dodgy ass reckoning

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If you are summoning, wait first to see if IS is solving this issue


I actually hadn’t realized there weren’t supposed to be Book 1 and 2 5 Stars in that Hero Fest… So I didn’t think twice when OG Ike pitybroke me. Hey, I’ll take the Aether.

But knowing that now, it’s a good thing I decided to stop for now. While I personally think it is unlikely, hopefully this will be fixed before the banner ends.

I hope they will fixed it, it is kinda bad for people who got pitybroken by gen 1 and 2 units, i also went to summon there to get sothis for darkness mythic hero thankfully i was not pitybroken and i took less orbs that i plan to