Is Itsuki a good merge project?

You’ll need 2700 grails to +10. I think he could be pretty good in AR-O with distant counter because he’s got tanky stats. Could he kill Winter Sothis in arena assault though?

Also, is he better than the other 170+ bst swords, Rutger and Astram?

Btw, my current AA team is Aversa, Nino, and Naesala. I also have +10 Matthew but he is dead weight and needs to eventually be replaced.

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She nullifies dragon effectiveness, doesn’t she? Combine that with his naturally low speed and she might be dealing some pretty heavy damage, even with his resistance (if you’re keeping his prf weapon).


I know he wouldn’t hard counter her but maybe he could tank her without her healing a lot if she’s the last unit left. Or maybe he could tank her even if she isn’t the last unit left.

Unless you played since launch, or got the rewards from at least two of the past TT events that had Masked Marth, I’d say its worth considering. As mediocre as his base kit is, Itsuki comes out the gate with a better kit than Masked Marth, and has a solid statline for people who were on the fence about Chrom as their Dragon check.

The only budget options in this regard are

  • Marth, who’s more speed based and support oriented
  • Masked Marth, who only has at best a self heal Falchion at base kit and access to more copies for less Grails if you played for long enough
  • Chrom, whose Res is worse than Itsuki’s, which hurts his dragon MUs
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I have a +10 MM. She doesn’t score well and her stats are bad for AR.


With how arena works, very

He has a great statline for AR and his prf is great for arena

only thing holding me back from doing it is I finished Roy, and hes noy only my boy, but possibly better

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That’s because Matthew is typically an AR unit, where you’d have Blessings in play, as well as CC + Vantage.

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I plan to run him with Mirror Stance 3 and with that yes he can tank a Sirius, a non-Sirius follow-up, and KO in two hits with QR. And he can OHKO her with Ruptured Sky if charged (Ruptured Sky still uses 40% of foe’s Atk even if the weapon nullifies “effective against dragons”).

He can also survive (not tank) two hits from OG Sothis if neither is a Sirius proc. Can also OHKO with Ruptured Sky.

Both of these examples are with both units +10+5. If Itsuki has no merges he can still beat both Sothis +10+5 IF his weapon is fully active which I think is relatively easily to do.

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It’s tougher to fully proc on enemy phase, especially if your opponent has Rally units. AI tends to make units Rally first, which will wind up lowering Itsuki’s Atk and Def as a result. It’s partly why everyone is hype for Tsubasa’s Blade Session but not Mamori’s Shield Session, and why people wanted a faster Itsuki. On player phase it’s super easy to get the +7 Atk/Def buff since you just need two units to act, an easy feat since it can be a Buff Bot and a refresher.

He’s worth imo :thinking:

I’m that trash anime fan who really want to +10 him because he’s got a great outfit and a stand. But I also like him because he’s also flexible and can be a great tank.

My (budget) ideas :

With that kind of build he can be a great healer and become strong after he heals someone.

S4me but with res boost. Especially if you want him to target dragon foes.

Classical EP build. Optimised with Brave Lucina (or give him Steady Breath).
The Guard effect from his A Skill will surely help him against bold figther foes.

If you have Fortress Def/Res, he can really be a great mixer tank. If you want him to only be a wall, Swap QR2 with Guard !

That was my general ideas to build him.
The problem is I wanted to +10 W!Jaffar first but now idk :feh_hecstare:


Where’s the falchion


Posting my plan again for like the 10th time :feh_legion:

Buffs: 4 Spec

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Give him ruptured sky, slaying edge, and quickened pulse and he will kill winter sothis.

He may also simply one shot her without effectiveness after chill/lull.

I wouldn’t worry about him being able to kill w!sothis, alfonse can kill sothis… I overestimated sothis a lot, he hasn’t been a threat at all in AA nor arena

I want him to trigger Bonfire/Iceberg in his 2nd hit, that’s why I plan to give him the Slaying Edge.
But well I think I will just try the Double Brazen Atk/Def one.

After I’m done merging my current Grail project,which is New Year Laegjarn,standing at +5,I’m definitely merging Itsuki next!

In fact,this is my planned build for him in the future,heavy investment of course.

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Edit: Deleting bc apparently I already posted my build and forgot lmao

Well I have only limited fodder available and I actually like Itsuki so I might deck him out with some primo fodder.

These are all I got so far…(only missing Distant Ward fodder.)

Note: I decided on Distant Ward instead of Distant Counter because his would most likely be high enough to take 0 damage from non-magical ranged threats and he would appreciate the extra Res vs Mages/Dragons.

Legendary Alm: Hello.
Gordin: You called?
Legendary Leif: Ready for this arrow’s penetration?

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