Is Jeanne worth to be grailed at level 100?

Damage wise.
She normally hits as a wet noodle, but maybe at level
100 she gets better? I

Or she benefits of level 100only for more hp, and then better solo potential and support potential?

Is she worth CE that increase damage or card performances, or she should stick to support ce like 2030?

Which Jeanne? Original ruler Jeanne? Have you not heard the saying: never grail a support for gameplay?

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If you like her enough you would probably not ask this question and might have grailed her already

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Of course she’s worth it, she deserves all your grails and then more.


Honestly its your grail, you decide. But one thing i will say, There should be almost ZERO reason to grail any servants to 100 for GAMEPLAY purposes, grail servants you like, grailing lower rarity servants for stats is justifiable, but 2 levels per grail for 90-100 is a waste gameplay wise.

Just grail servants you like, the minimal gain of grailing for gameplay is not super noticeable for most servants and is a permanent investment.

Also jeanne isnt there to deal damage, thats why you have teammates.


To grail for love… i could do that for the ruler saint

But since her attack can go over 10000, i honestly thought that she could have damage value if grailed

The best reason/ the most big brain reason to grail a servant is to use them as a QP/Ember sink because you realized that you went too hard on the lotto and you’re sitting at 999M QP with all skills leveled and you still have over a hundred boxes left to clear.

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I did grail jeanne to 100, and the dmg increase isn’t noticable most of the time. It can show when running a stall comp with mash and another support, but it’ll be the difference between winning in 100 turns or winning in 95.


Who uses Jeanne as a damage dealer anyway?




True, but even a simple support… the more damage, the better it is i guess.

I wonder if Jeanne ruler will pair well with Sherlock. I suspect yes. Especially with enough star support like a 2030

Another good reason for grailing her would be for her very high HP pool, i think the only servants that surpass her in that regard are Kingprotea and Ganesha.


People who do it for memes OG Jeanne 3T Halloween 3 CQ


QFT- quoting for truth

Gameplay wise, no, with the exception of a few broken chaps like Gilgamesh, Raikou or Dantes no 5* is worthy grailing to 100. And since you are asking this you don’t like her enough to grail her for love…just save your grails.

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Kingprotea only with her skill. On base, no.

The other two who surpass Jeanne in terms of base HP are Jinako (Ganesha) and Bunny Artoria Ruler.

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In general, Grailing a Servant to 100 should only ever be done of you really like the Servant.

In terms of gameplay, it does help, but is definitely not necessary. Her HP increase does help make her even more tanky, and since she’s got Ruler Class Resistance, she basically receives double the amount of health. Also, Rulers tend to make fairly decent use of any increase in ATK because of their 1.1x damage modifier. However, the increase in her HP and ATK values between 90 and 100 isn’t high enough to ultimately make that big of a difference.

All in all, if you really like Jeanne (one of your favorite Servants) and use her a good bit, then by all means, go for it. She’s a solid Servant.

Edit: It should also be said that I’ve Grailed my Jeanne to 100 and I do not regret it.


The only reason you’ll be grailing a SSR servant is because you love him/her.

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It will make literally zero or only the most minor of gameplay changes, had mine max grailed once I had the QP and XP to like 3 or so (?) months after getting her. Otherwise, where love goes, that’s for you to decide.

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As someone who has four 5*'s grailed to 100 (Ruler Jeanne, Squirtoria, Tamamo Caster, and Nero Bride) I can say that in every case it never felt like there was a major boost in damage from Grailing any of them to 100. Yes, there is a difference, and it can be helpful at times (especially against things like bosses who have class disadvantages) , unless you both Grail and dump Golden Fou’s on them it’s not going to make a super major impact on most content. As said above, it pretty much feels like you’re cutting a little off of things (i.e. taking a turn or two at most off of combat) rather than having some huge spike in the amount of damage that you do.