Is Julian outclassed?

I’m bringing this up because I forgot he existed since I foddered him Brady but if you compare him to +10 daggers with prfs (Matthew & Saizo) he kinda falls behind due to being 5* locked plus even if you +10 him the prf refines are still better .Unless you use him with close counter and instead use him like Sothe since his good offensive stats.

Julian has a BST advantage over the gen 1 daggers, and inheritable daggers aren’t that bad

If you like him he can definitely perform well but he also has good fodder


If you could max merge him he would perform better than the Gen 1 daggers with his really high Atk, and decent Spd/Def. :feh_birbpeek:
But of course he’s a 5* exclusive so that’s much harder.
He isn’t really outclassed, just too rare to justify the small increase in stats he gets. Most people probably fodder him, poor guy :catcry:


all gen 1 daggers are really easily summonable, and a lot of their prfs have very good uses. So, when it comes to intense investment, I would go for a gen 1 dagger over julian. Kagero is an extremely powerful unit when initiating combat. Saizo easily sets himself up to be a tanky sweeper. Gaius gets a ton of extra true damage. Matthew gets an interesting psudeo support set.

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If you’re talking Prfs then yeah he’s outclassed but he’s the highest Atk colorless dagger and beats Sothe in every stat except Res so he’s /the/ best user of Broadleaf Fan assuming max investment. However, Sothe is easier to merge.

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Pretty much what everyone said. There are really strong PRF for daggers, but we also have Broadleaf. In particular, there is a 5 BST jump for physical ranged units in Gen 3 compared to Gen 2 (Kronya has 160+ as opposed to 150+ on Sothe). As Julian is classified as a Gen 4 unit, he has what is essentially a 20 BST gap over Gen 1 units, and 15 BST over Gen 2 units. This gap excludes Dragonflowers, which does narrow this gap by 5BST, but good luck accruing them to begin with.


The problem with that is that a lot of the daggers are locked to 5* units.

Barbed Shuriken
Minty Cane
Goodie Boot

Am I missing any non-5* locked daggers (aside from Smoke Dagger and whatnot)?

The Cleaner.

Forgot Ouch Pouch too.