Is Lysithea unfair?

You win for now! But you have to do work

I’ve been wondering why people haven’t been talking more about vantage on her, especially when more than a few people have been training her sword rank

Except…archers? Especially if they fire from 4-range? And she needs special equipment to counter at 3-range right?

Thyrus gives her +2 range. She can hit anyone who attacks her

Kinda off topic, but Lysithea is the reason i’m currently saving orbs. (That and/or Halloween/Christmas alt)

How many uses on that thing and how easy is it to repair? Or do you use it just to deter the AI

Big reason why she’s so good is because there are an abundance of those high defense, low res units in most playthroughs. I can’t really seem to think of any maps that had any more than like 3 units who had decent res stats.

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It’s an offhand. No durability

Thyrsus is a staff and staffs in Three Houses don’t have limit of uses, so…

Also, all characters get range +1 when they reach S rank in Reason, so she can actually have 5 range.

Also, you get it before the time skip. It’s Lorenz’s prologue. They both have the same crest. Or, rather, one of her crests is the one that he has

Killer. I looked it up, saw relic, and thought “probably 20 uses”

and I didn’t even know about the magic range +1 skill. Mind you, S-rank is very late game so she’ll have to go most of the game without it

What about getting hit by a gambit?

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Not if you go new game + :thinkinglikelukas:

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I’ve always felt like NG+ was for seeing story or maps you didn’t get to play in your first chosen route, or if you want to soften the difficulty gap between hard and maddening (or the eventual even-harder difficulty)

I haven’t even played any of the other FEs and after watching Mangs and others do it with like 11 uses on divine pulse I feel like I could start on maddening if I had the advantages of NG+.

To bring back to the original topic, I’m not sure we need to talk about fairness when it’s not difficult to get 11 uses on divine pulse.

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Actually, Lysithea gets X2 in combat mastery. It only takes about F Alf as long to get an s rank with her. She can technically have X4 if you use a special offhand. She can’t use Thyrus but she’s powerful enough that she doesn’t always need it

I don’t even use times pulse. If someone dies, I just restart the level

Gambits would kill her since she can’t counter back, but in my experience those are kinda rare coming from the enemy.