Is Marie antonitte a good Rider and how do I bring down the last gotiea

Even though the last gotiea supposed to be a caster riders don’t work against him so how I am supposed to get him down and my second question is about Marie I really don’t like her but she is the only are Rider I have so is sho a good if not can you recommend me a good 3 star deal

Huh? You mean as Goetia King of Humans? I remember my Ozzy working like normal against him? Not sure what do you mean about riders not working. Or am I remembering wrong?

As for Marie - honestly yeah, she is not good. Her only upside is great survivability, but that does not amount too much. Best 3 star rider would be Ushiwakamaru. She has quite high NP damage potential and can work as your prime rider.


Marie is support, not damage. Use her for team debuff cleanse. Ushiwakamaru is a remarkably powerful 3-star rider. She has an absurdly strong single-target NP for a 3-star.


Just imagine that strong as heck NP with an animation update…

Type-Moon pls…

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she’s a survivalist queen, but shit for damage

Looking for a low-rarity Rider to deal some damage? Ushiwakamaru, hands down. She has the 3rd most powerful NP (at NP5, which even if you don’t have her at NP5 now, you will eventually, guaranteed) amongst all Riders. The most powerful is Kintoki Rider, who is a welfare whose rerun has already come and gone, so if you don’t have him now you then you never will. The second most powerful is Artoria Alter Rider, who is an SSR that you’ll need to wait for almost a year to get a crack at (Summer 2 rerun) (and on a side note, it is possible to double stack her Q buff skill, which if you do, it will make her NP even more powerful than Kintoki Rider’s). Ushi’s NP (at NP5) is even more powerful than the SSR Rider Powerhouses Ozy and Quetz (assuming they’re both NP1).

Plus, Ushi is a good dog who just wants headpats and to bring Master the severed heads of their Caster enemies. How can you not give her all the embers and Grails you have?


All my really good riders are welfares, no ssr and sr’s are Martha and marie (who hit like wet noodles) and the yuri pirates who only excel at damage when nearly dead.

For 3*s, Ushi is great as mentioned. For AoE I like Medusa with her sweet battery, but alex is good for a little team support and a bit stronger np iirc.

If you missed Ishtar rider last summer, definitely pick her up next summer. Survivability, team buffs, np5 with an overcharge that makes it stronger.

But don’t leave out mecha liz coming soon. As an alter ego she can stand in for riders (and assassins and casters) till you get a decent dedicated rider.

The last Goetia, you meant the king of Human form right? Rider is your best bet. Just slowly chip down his HP with normal atk and NP. Those debuff can be annoying but not that hurting. Normally he’ll die in 10 turn.

If demon king form, recommended to borrow Hercules with bond CE, sacrifice you front line hold down for 2 more turn and start burst damage after his buff disappeared

Well , between Martha and Marie… go with Ushi LOL. Seriously though, if you want to hit a little bit more witouth sacrificing much survival, try Martha. At least her NP is Buster based and also lower the enemies defense. But Ushiwakamaru deals waaaay more damage.

Actually I just go with kintoki most of the time, though he’s getting close to bond 10 with 1.5 years of heavy use so I might pull out ushi more. Sorry for anyone without him. Took bad there’s not a 3rd chance at welfares for late comers.