Is medea(3 star) worh it?

Hi, i need some offensive casters… My main caster does a splendid job but he more of a support (hans), recently i raise medea to her second ascension and then for the 3rd ascension… The requirement is the purple heart thingy haha and when i checked ahhh for the final ascension also need that thing… I have a couple of those hearts but its pretty rare… So i stop using but she pretty good coz she can loop her np… So u guys have any recommendations about other f2p caster for killing those annoying assassins? I try paracelsus but haha he pretty weak or should i go with medea?

Medea is definitely worth investing, but not for dps, just for buff cleansing. For st servants to kill assassins use the upcoming Mecha Eli-chan.


Babbage got a rank up recently that makes him pretty strong among the 3 stars.

Paracelsus is good at np looping but doesn’t have much umph.

The Halloween 3 welfare is an alter ego which is effective against all the calvary classes, including assassins.

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Medea is the only ST Caster in the 1-3 Star pool, so she’s worth it for that alone. She’s excellent at looping NP and can remove all buffs with it. She can instant charge her NP as low as level 4, and her third skill can debuff cleanse, as well as raise NP gain.

So yes, Medea is definitely worth it. I still use her all the time.


Medea has low damage output but you’ll use her NP a LOT. A Medea/Mash/Tamamo team is pretty stable and is a slow-and-steady win. Plus, she has tons of utility. (Buff removal, debuff removal, NP gain buff…she’s worth it. Hearts are rare but show up a lot.)

Raise Paracelsus because he’s a good farmer—his first skill gives 55% NP gauge at base and you can bring him out to clear Wave 2 in some common quests:

(But he is pretty weak.)

For a high-damage farming caster, Geronimo actually outdamages Babbage (and you only have to raise one skill!) but Babbage has better Shakespeare compatibility, which might be important for reaching certain damage benchmarks. Pick whichever one you have the materials for. I think Geronimo is easier to raise—you only have to farm bones for him, which isn’t so bad.

Halloween 3 will give us a Single Target Alter Ego…but you can also used Lu Bu.


Thanks guys!