Is Multi-Accounting against the rules?

I read a post from 2 years ago talking about how multi-accounting is against the rules. However, in my city it’s a common practice so I never thought that was the case.

It is against the rules, but nobody cares and Niantic does not enforce the rules because they would lose a lot of money.


Yeah it is against the rules, but most people don’t care, unless you make 6 accounts on the same team and decide to take over all nearby gyms.
In rural areas most people have a second account to kick themselves out of the gyms, since it normally takes days if not even weeks before someone else does. Extra help for raids in such areas is also good. My town for instance would have never triggered an ex raid had people not used secondary accounts, since there simply aren’t enough people who raid here. Same things goes for when Niantic decided to make mewtwo and darkrai tier 6 raids, most of the time not enough people showed up.

This being said, in big cities where there are always enough people for raiding I really don’t get the point of some people having 3+ phones.


Discord: “ok omw I got three”

shows up with two phones and an iPad


As a player in a big city, I completely agree with you.

Players in Singapore are Machamps with Dodrio heads.


I usually I see people with two phones, the reason in most cases is for the bonus ball with Max friendship; is easy to carry a second phone to a raid than another player(which have max friendship with your account).

Currently solo value is outclassed by the multiplayer rewards, and I know that Niantic wants everyone to play in a community way, but force it isn’t the way to do it.

Personally I think that Niantic can’t encourage people to no multi account without increasing the personal value on raids: what I mean is, for example, something simple like a Damage meter at the end of the encounter, maybe most of the group wouldn’t care but the players who try their best to make good counters would appreciate seen their effort on a chart.


It’s really hard to detect, so they wouldn’t think about enforcing it.

Like say, if I used my dad’s phone with full consent, It can be considered multiaccounting while it is clearly not.

Too much false positives to even do it in practice.

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In my community, 90% of players are guilty of it to some degree. Some do it very occasionally, and others have the second active nearly the whole time. I don’t think anyone is under the impression that it’s completely above board, but it’s pretty much a widely accepted practice.

I do have a second account myself, used primarily for raiding, with the odd trade or PvP battle. Since the game places a strong emphasis on being social, I basically use it to assist with that; unlike some other players, I don’t have a significant other, or a close friend etc., that also plays which I can rely on.

I personally think 3 accounts is too much.


Pokemon is a rather time consuming game. There are many cores to do every day: feed the tomagachi, spin the gym, do a raid, catch something, get gifts, give gifts. One account is a chore, a second account would be like having a second child, a third account like opening an orphanage.


As others have said, multi-accounting is technically against the ToS, but it’s a rule that isn’t enforced.

In my area, having multiple accounts has become fairly common. I’d say about 1/3 of our active players do it, averaging between 1-2 “alt” accounts. Most people just use them to assist with raids, for extra trades, and to funnel shinies to their main accounts.

However, on occasion, some will use their alt accounts to assist with gyms. This is the only time when I’m not fond of this style of play, as some people will drop 3+ accounts into a gym (blocking teammates from getting into said gym), berry from all 3 accounts if needed, or use the stagger trick with their alts when attacking a gym, which allows them to bypass gold razz defense. There’s one player in my area who has enough alt accounts to take up all 6 slots in a gym and will do just that if it’s a gym he’s trying to get a gold badge for. It’s not on the level of spoofing, but it really is quite irritating.


This. Curiously enough I don’t blame the players about this, I blame Niantic. This can be solve by simple move the 50 coins reward to another activity like catching X Pokémon a day, lets be honest most people only care about gyms because of the coins rewards.

Of course Niantic won’t do anything about it, is better for them for people to lose the daily fifty coins. (Wow is fun to take a gym and defend it for 8hours and 20 min every day…or 2 gym for the halve of time, etc)

It is against the rules, but I just do it anyways for quite a few reasons. I have 2 accounts.

  1. My main account is instinct and my alt account is valor. I can knock myself out of gyms if I’m in for too long.

  2. It helps me and my discord deal more damage in raids. It’s especially helpful for the occasional tier 6 such as Darkrai or Mewtwo.

  3. PvP rewards every day! I won’t have to go out and look for other people if I just use 2 accounts.

  4. I can trade with myself any time! Since trading is local only, having my iPad and phone very close to each other means I can instantly do a lucky trade with myself, and have more lucky Pokémon!

  5. Some research tasks relate to PvP with another player or trading, so getting those done immediately is a great feeling.

Some players in my area have 3 or even 4 accounts, but I’m settled with 2.

I think most people do multi-accounting. Knowing it’s bad and it’s going against the TOS it’s really difficult to detect.

I have a secondary account too but I use it on other phone. So, there’s almost no way to identify I’m multi-accounting or not. Here were I play, most people have two accounts. In some cases three and the spoofers have up to six. They fill entire gyms with it’s accounts and Niantic never is going to do anything about it because people spend time, money and other resources in these extra accounts.

They know that this would cause a lot of false positives, since plenty of people share phones(family members, ex raids, etc) and secondly, it would require someone checking this on a person to person basis, which won’t happen. Almost all the bans that happen are the result of their system detecting something and are completely automated. Sometimes one sees people say things like “spoofers invest a lot of money, that’s why they don’t get banned”, but simply isn’t true. They use apps that don’t get detected, how much money they put in the game doesn’t matter. I myself and hundreds of others have experienced getting banned when Xiaomi redmi 5 phones got flagged by their faulty cheating detection in September and when that happened it didn’t matter how much money one threw into the game.
The only time I saw Niantic going after individual people was when they made big ToS violations public, like when spoofers live streamed events like GO Fest or when BrandonTan ran the farming legendries service, which resulted in getting a suspension. Outside of these cases it doesn’t seem that Niantic really bothers

Lucky you, everyone I know but me is Mono-Accounting.

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My girlfriend is the only person I know that multi-accounts. She’s also the type to get several devices out when we’re raiding because why just use our mains when we can have her three alts too
Sad thing is that her alts are about the same level as me :’) but I admit that I’d likely have a second account too if only just so I can kick myself out of my local gym (waiting several days at a time for my stupid Blissey to be booted gets a little aggravating)

Slot in a Magikarp instead?

I mean, sure. But if the gym is having people coming by to add stuff in, surely others that could take it are going by as well, right? It’s just that Instinct and Mystic around me don’t seem to bother so my Blissey just sits there on minimum motivation the whole time.
It’s not even like other mons are much of a deterrent either, the Magikarp in there has been in the gym for 3 days now