Is my servant good enough?

It has been 1 month since i play fgo jp, i used to play fgo na for 4 month. (E luck btw), so i give jp a try, but i don’t want to get ahead of myself, are my servant good enough?


good enough for what? 5T fuyuki? :fgo_bbgrin:


Weird brag post?

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8 SSRs in 1 month. Its an excellent start, Grats!

EX luck in jp but your missing the best support though. Still pretty much a flex.



no, i didn’t mean it like that, none of my friends play fgo, and when i saw youtuber all of them have like way too much SSR, i just want to know is my servants enough or less

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Good to hear, i thought it’s still not enough when i saw people on youtube with theirs SSR

The point is that you need something to measure against if your servants are good enough. There are people who asks “is my roster enough for camelot” then the answer is “as long as euryale is leveled, you are probably set”. If someone is asking if they can 3T a CQ with zero support servants of their own, then the answer is obviously no.

I see you have bedi so evidently camelot wasn’t an issue. If you aren’t having any specific difficulties dealing with any content, then your roster is demonstrably “good enough”.

I see, thx

just the one?

The point is not the number of SSRs someone have, but the quality of their servants (level and skill levels). I think your roster is “not good enough” considering they’re mostly low level.

Also comparing your roster with Youtuber is eh.

edit: I see NP3 Kiichi Hogen. Do the event.


You gotta level your servants, my dude! Once your guys are leveled and skilled, you will have a very decent roster.

Comparing your roster to Youtubers is not healthy in general, many of them spend thousands (or even tens of thousands) on the game so it’s very unlikely a regular person will be able to keep up.

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is this one of those quartz accounts?

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Did you spend money by any chance

Is that so, thx

Oh so that’s why, thx

It’s not

Emphasis on this?