Is Myrrh worth A/D Unity

I’ve got an OG!Myrrh that I’m thinking about building up for the current Tempest Trial, and I’m going over a build for her. I know her kit is very dependent on her DEF stat, so I was wondering how well A/D Unity would work on her.

On paper, it works pretty well, but perhaps she’s too outdated by now to really make it worthwhile?

That said, she’s not so precious to me that I wouldn’t fodder her for the skill of sonone else ends up wanting it more, so it’s not like I “lose” the skill.

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Seems like she wants DC more? Idk that’s what’s common anyway


I dunno, I think she’d want Foil more than DC, given that her RES is much lower.

Not that I have the fodder for either.

Base Myrrh is really good, but she’s not quite the ultimate supertank by any means, and thus can be cheesed by ranged offense. The +5 in all stats from her weapon effect does actually help a lot against magic foes. I’ve had her take on some threats in Abyssal maps and come out fine, and mine’s only +3. So DC is definitely a more well-rounded skill. But if you had, say, a Far Save armor with her? Atk/Def Unity would be outrageous, making her almost impossible to double through her weapon condition, supremely tanky against all melee fighters except dragons, and can be paired with a seal of choice for maximum frontline bulk.


Unity is a pretty niche skill outside AR, since unless you get debuffed it is basically an Atk/Def Bond 3 with a less strict positioning requirement. In Myrrh’s case, it would only come into use in some Abyssal maps, since she’s not scoring high enough for Arena and she’s kinda dead weight in AR where most foes are ranged (and one of the most common melees is Eliwood who has color advantage on her and good Res).

Personally, I do not think she is worth the fodder.