Is nero bride worth the pulls with castoria looming?

Hello everyone. I’ve been a forum user for quite a while but hadn’t registered yet.

I’ve been playing the game for over a year now and have 700+ SQ available for AA and the nero bride banner. However I’m staring to doubt if summonig bride is worth it.

I already have Gordon Ramsey as an arts ST saber and arts looping arguably only becomes better than quick looping when castoria drops (and double castoria does not seem to need bride for looping).

With castoria it seems that bride is a bit redundant as a support although she may work well as a ST arts saber.

Besides her banner overlaps with AA who may be a better target to NP2 with my quartz (or at least attempt to NP2).

So what is your opinion on this?


Bride definitely becomes less powerful, relative to the bar for average Servant power, once Castoria drops since she pretty much makes NP gain buffs redundant with her overall NP generation support. But the same is true for pretty much everyone except Castoria and her best friends like Spishtar.

Bride is still a powerful unit, and a year can be quite a wait, so she will be a powerful enabler for loop strats in the meantime (most notably, with two lotteries dropping in which Bride can enable lots of 5- or 6-slot compositions). She also gains an anti-Sky buff, which helps her both as a challenging content support and as a DPS, since a lot of tough stuff is Sky attribute.

Personally, I would go for AA over Bride - he remains much more unique, and hence harder to replace, after the introduction of Castoria. Bride loses her most useful job (loop farming support) to Castoria, but she’s still an incredibly powerful Servant, just a less unique one. She’s every bit as strong, in fact stronger, than she was when she carried me and several others through Knights-only Shimousa, one of the harder challenges to date, so I can’t say I recommend against her so much as advocate for Arjuna Alter.


people argued that tamamo was dead when castoria came.
I disagree still.
castoria doesnt make them useless, it just means that you have more choices now, especially in combination. castoria AUGMENTS arts supports, not make them redundant.
some servants might not loop, but with double castoria and bride, they might.
it also enables a lot of other shenanigans like chen gong looping, where you need a lot of good supports to sacrifice.

so no, bride does NOT become redundant when castoria drops. I also don’t know who’s gordon ramsey, but nero bride has the highest st arts saber np damage.

that being said, it’s up to you to decide what you want to roll for.


I think it depends on how much you like Bride. Yeah, she may lose some relative power in the future due to new units/strats. But this game is still a waifu/husbando collector. So, if you like her, roll for her. If not, don’t roll.


I wouldn’t recommend rolling unless you really like Nero or something. You already have Beni for you Saber ST needs and she is great. On the other hand, unless you already have all the premium supports, Skadi or Merlin could be much more useful than Bride… Also, if you plan to go full arts looping with castoria, maybe is better to save that SQ for Space Ishtar banner.


She’s stacked as it is, given DW’s persistence on buffing Umu, but she’s gone past being essential in specific comps since we have a larger array of equal or better substitutes. Go straight away if you’re really fond of her as a character. Consider your options if it is not so. I used to aim for her too but dropped her eventually due to Castoria and other character priorities~


@The_Cheeseman, you have been summoned!

:fgo_umu: Not enough Umu :fgo_umu:

I’ll be rolling for her cuz it’s Umu, and I love her style~
Also, I have a tiny question which should help answer your question: Are you sure you will be getting Castoria with gacha being gacha? :fgo_umusmug:

Lastly, I want you to welcome to the forum. I’m also a newly registered member. I hope you will enjoy being here together with us and also take part in the community talks. :fgo_arashsmile:


Nah, you can skip. Beni is Gordon Ramsey, right?

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If you don’t need her now, you likely won’t need her post-Castoria.

Tamamo at least still gives the highest damage output as a third buffer on top of 2 Castoria, I don’t think I’ve seen many looping comps with 2 Castoria and Bride. Maybe when there’s a lancer/zerker midboss you can use Bride with 50% starting gauge CE? Might as well roll for an NP upgrade for a good arts looper like Space Ishtar or Summer Musashi.


I feel like we had this same topic the other month, but Bride is a strong Servant overall. A good ST Saber who also happens to be a good agnostic support.

Not sure I’d recommend her for a F2P or infrequent spender due to the wealth of other targets this year except for character love reasons, though.


If I didn’t already have bride, I doubt I would try for her now. Paracelsus is already a fabulous loop support, but if you need gain and gauge the looming (but unfortunately storylocked) Asclepius can do that to a lesser extent teamwide. And I personally prefer saberlot for dps duty.


Asclepius is actually pretty good for looping support, you’ll have to wait for my write up on him but he allows Skadi Quick looping for a few people that don’t have it right now, and makes it more accessible for a few others (like Fran can do it now but needs MLB Scope and he allows her to do it with some 50% CEs and he has a regular Kscope)


All the more reason to look forward to my little doctaa! Maybe just maybe I can finally do some real triple loops without mlb kscope and native skadi


I mean, you might have better luck with arts then :feh_fayeshrug:

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Doesn’t stop me from enjoying the quick meta! Super Arash nukes a number of quick looping shortfalls :fgo_arashsmile:, and quick looping once is easy afterwards


Nero has several things that make her stand out (after the buff): Attack buff, high loop support and 30% battery (which is what a lot of those pesky 20% self-buff characters really need). She is also excellent ST Arts Saber. None of these characteristics are unique on their own, but if you are lacking all/most of them, she does have all of them in a single package. Until Castoria, she is the best arts loop enabler.

Does that make it worth rolling for her? Just like everyone else has said - depends on your roster and how much you like the character.

On a tangentially related note, I am curious if it would be efficient to use Bride and YG for setting up burn on first turn for extra YG NP damage before swapping Bride out.


It’s more efficient and party-cost effective just to put burn CCs on Yang Guifei’s cards, but yeah, you could use superscope Bride as a guaranteed Burn starter if desired.


Both. Both is good. That way, you can just go dcs - yang - bride. Looping madness and burn


I’m somewhat in the same boat, except that I had originally planned for Bride and wasn’t going for Arjuna Alter at all. Now, I’m all out for Arjuna and any leftovers go to Bride lol. In part because as many comments here have pointed out, Bride is less useful/unique with Castoria (though obviously still an amazing unit) and Bride has a future rate up. I love both characters but I tend to be more of a husbando collector and given Arjuna’s lack of a 2nd rate up, it just makes more sense to me to wait for Bride’s 2nd rate up than hope I get Arjuna from the GSSR.

I also am lacking some of the other resources that would allow NP looping with Bride so there’s that as well. But golly, that banner is pretty wonderful with both Bride AND Nero (two units I really want). I’m definitely throwing the 10 tickets from the download campaign on it.


This thread is reminding me to save a lantern for Bride’s strengthening since she and Jarcher will have work to do.