Is nero bride worth the pulls with castoria looming?

Yeah, I skipped giving Nitocris a lantern when I didn’t end up farming much during hunting quest thinking bride might be a better target… And out of free rps until summer rerun so I’ll miss my first shop lanterns for a bit

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I’ll echo that it’s not worth it if your resources are set to 700 flat. You could well pull AA but not Bride, and find yourself hurting for later pulls.

For Castoria farming, your priority should be to keep SQ to pull NP2 Spishtar. You can then SSR ticket Tamamo or Waver as a 4th slot support if you don’t have one of them (or if you have Reines, potentially ignore Waver). I’d argue that if you can’t spend at all, and you really want to prep for Castoria, to save your SQ for Spishtar.

Bride is great for this year’s lottos, I’ll be using her for arts comps. Next year she is an option for your 4th slot presuming you save enough SQ for Castoria. She may not be seen often but she still brings 30% charge/40% atk/45% np gen; equivalent attack to Reines, a bit less charge and more np regen.

Otherwise, regarding AA, it’s nice to have him native but if you have Merlin (or pull him this summer) borrowing a whaled out AA will net you more benefit than pulling your own at NP1.

I think the most important servants for accounts without limited supports to pull the rest of this year are Merlin, Spishtar and Skadi. If you have the supports already, then Spishtar has the longest legs. Bride will enable loops for the next year before Castoria comes, for both quick as a 4th slot and arts as a dual support, so she’s mostly down to whether there’s value in that to you.


As for me, this banner is a skip

If you need a st arts saber, Saber hoku has the hardest hitting neutral np out of any welfare iirc. 60k on self buffs. Matches np2 bride


Castoria is still over a year away, guys. That’s a LOT of play time. Bride is not only good on her own, she can also enable arts loopers before Castoria, like mUSAshi. Plus, you get the best 4-star Saber in the game on the same banner, so win/win!

But my standard advise still applies: if you have to ask whether you should roll on an SSR, you probably shouldn’t. SSRs are too expensive an investment unless you are enthusiastic about acquiring them. That being said…


I believe I have made my point.


I mean if you like her, go ahead. but she certainly got powercrept like hell

The power of Bride has never been solely as a support or solely as a DPS, but rather that she can slip seamlessly from one role into another making her the best 4th slot servant in the game.

If you are in a tough battle and your DPS dies but your 4th slot servant is a support that is going to be a problem. Conversely if one of your supports dies and your 4th slot is a DPS that can really hamper your team.

Bride fixes that by being able to fill either slot seemlessly. That is her niche and strength. And she does both roles well.

She is also the best non Calvary support available. If your enemy is an alter ego or if all your other supports (including Artoria) are casters and you are facing a AoE Rider boss, Nero is going to be the best general support available.

Yes, Castoria makes her lose a little luster, but Nero remains an amazing unit worth rolling for.


Unghhh. I should NP1 as a support, but if I NP2, I can bring her in place of Hokusaber.


It’s Nero!

Nero is always worth pulling for, so the only question is “how much?”

I plan to pull Castoria >> Bride.

Semi-support is a good unit. Birb, Liz, Penth, Helena & Ozy are all good because they bring extra utility to the table.


Pretty much this. If you’re uncertain about it now, you probably would want her even less after Castoria. Arguably she’s not as good a third plugsuit buffer for Castoria than she will soon be for Skadi.

The real reason to get UmuBride (besides “because Nero”) is that with her, you can assemble the Ultimate Waifu Arts Team: Nero (Bride), Musashi (Berserker), and Tamamo-no-mae!

Nothing will be able to stand up to the three best girls in FGO on the same team.


the best 4-star Saber in the game on the same banner, so win/win!

That’s crazy (:fgo_moriartysmile:) , cause I thought saber hoku was a welfare. St, arts, really nice. Ages like a fine wine with castoria, and doesn’t do much support wise, so she doesn’t get hurt by a certain support coming out. I like that. Maybe it’s NA tomfoolery, but the best 4* saber should come during summer 4, just so you know, and outdamages both unless you get np 2 bride. With a good crit game, a fantastic voice, stellar animations, and antiquated mannerisms, she may be the best saber ever. And did I mention, she’s free?

Sidenote: damn. That wouldve made a good Stall diary topic :catlie:
Shouldve saved my enthusiasm


I am going to take the high road and not derail this into an art-dump thread. Besides, Nero’s supremacy is self-evident, and does not require me to defend it.

Imperial Privilege EX, peasants!



Oh wait, you said Imperial Privilege EX. mb.


Hey, the only “Karen” in FGO is Hortensia!

Oh shoot, now I am theorycrafting what “White Privilege EX” would do… I shudder to imagine the servant who would possess such a skill…


Obligatory “this is as close as you will get to a bride” joke :fgo_buster:


sounds like what the alien god did to earth :fgo_insane:



Probably a passive skill who knows. For that matter, I have no idea how a ‘male privilege skill’ would work considering all the Fate genderbends. That might be a headache to figure out.

As for the actual discussion, I echo some of what’s been said already. I think a lot of what you get from Bride is that inherent flexibility between DPS and Support. She also gets a bright outlook with her anti-Divine strengthening in the future which I think helps her stay unique as a Saber with that specialty, something that Beni does not have (and not too mention her unique “Bride” alignment, hey). Also worth noting that her Saber class might make her a better survival fit against lancer bosses.

I think gameplay wise, there’s reason to roll some for her, given that we still have over a year for Castoria and even then she will still have solid utility. I’d personally recommend considering character in addition to gameplay for this kind of hard to make decisions though. Another aspect from which to judge could make it easier holistically.


Who ya callin’ a nerd ?


I have to admit, I’ve made a lot more jokes out of a screencap of Summer Nero’s “Rampaging Privilege” than I’d ever anticipated.

I’d have to imagine White Privilege EX would, at the very least, involve a taunt/invuln combo (draws anger, but with minimal consequences), maybe chance-based with a third effect like IP? But that would also make it good. So maybe the 3rd effect is a buff strip and you have to pray to the RNG that it doesn’t go off :fgo_bigbrain: