Is np 4 nursery rhyme worth it?

I really dont like making this kind of threads but i cant decide if i should make her np4 or burn it to get shop ce’s.
On one hand theres the chance of getting another copy and making her np5,
on the other hand according to the np damage calculator correctly its only 600-900 damage

Which shop CE do you need? If it’s chaldea lunchtime or Mona Lisa then yeah, it’s more important than an NP upgrade for Nursery.

It is almost a 5% increase in damage so it can add upp if you stack buffs, especially in an arts team.
Then again arts teams aren’t generally about clearing battles fast so a couple of extra turns might not make a difference.

We will also soon get a wellfare Caster that has 20-30% battery, arts steroid , AoE NP and their damage is rather equal to NP4 N.R when that mana burst skill isn’t used.
With just his own buffs wellfare-kun will hit for 22.3-27.3k neutral damage so N.R is outperformed in basic farming but she has better survivability for boss battles.

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I love how you’re conveniently leaving out the identity of said welfare caster xD

But in any case, I never burn until NP5 but if there is something you desperately need out of the RP shop NOW (as in you can’t wait until Xmas 3 rerun for the 5 RP there) then you won’t suffer THAT big a loss.

If you ask me, never burn an SR unless you already have them at NP5. Even if that percentage is small, it adds up pretty quickly with buffs.

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At this point most people are probably aware of upcoming servants but this one time I felt like mentioning much, though it wasn’t because of dislike.
I’m actually rather eager to get my hands on that Caster as it will allow me to try some fun stuff.

Same, I’m looking forward to trying them out even though I don’t like them. Gonna be fun playing around at least xD

Do you ever use Nursery Rhyme or do you plan on ever using her? If so, then definitely raise her NP level. Tbh, there’s nothing in the RP shop that’s worth burning a Gold Servant that you don’t already have at NP5

It’s almost annoying that he’s actually good for farming.


There’s a reason why nobody’s mentioned his name up this point; he’s a character from one of the Fate series (Apocrypha), and one of the most unpopular characters at that.

I didn’t mind that much but he has a bit more depth in the novels though I still preferred other people.
Well most of the cast lost character depth and screentime in the anime.

That’s the biggest critique a lot of people have; he took screentime and development from far more interesting characters.


Personally speaking, Mordred and Kairi were a much more interesting duo.


Do you use her frequently, and/or like her a lot? NP. I took Stheno to NP4 despite having made recommendations that people take a utilitarian approach to dupe units they dislike in the past, at least in her case with her awful scaling on a non-offensive NP.

Do you use her rarely, and/or dislike her (potentially a lot)? RP.

Regardless of whether or not Sieg will low-key explode onto the scene with still not yet fully recognized farming efficiency for those that can enable him, or even at the low-end in terms of just clearing a wave (which he will absolutely do better than NR and her almost-nonexistent steroids).

I’m of the opinion that you should NP anyway just because RP is frankly overrated overall and when it isn’t it’s relatively easy to obtain (at least by the end of this year). On the flip side if you’ll be using Lunchtime or Mona Lisa a lot, yeah, you can get good value of it here.

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The way I see it, Mona Lisa and Lunchtime are mostly just a way to get more FP, and if you have RPs to through around, you probably don’t particularly need more FP, anyway. Mona Lisa is decent for door farming, but it isn’t going to make a significant difference in your QP accumulation rate, especially since the biggest QP generators are lottos, anyway.

I wouldn’t burn Rhyme. I’ve been using her in my arts-crit team, and at NP2, she’s been performing surprisingly well for me. The combo of an AoE NP with a chance for charge reduction, and the ability to do some decent ST dadame (WTF, autocorrect?!?) damage via crits is pretty handy for such a setup. No other arts servant has that combo of wave-clearing, stall, and boss-killing in one package.

Plus, as people have said in the past, book burning isn’t a good look.

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I kinda like her, shes the cutest kid in chaldea imo.
Also screw “that person.” Fran could’ve used that screen time to have a personality. Also because of him any scene involving gilles become irrelevant …

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3 to 4 is generally the smallest increase, yes.
That said,
NR wants to loop with arts chains and crits, can hold Black Grail, has strong passives, and works very well with basically all servants that give her Arts Eff. up (can stall with Tamamo, crit with Gil, and loop easier with Paracelsus).
that said, unlike everyone else, I don’t think the 4.545% (repeating) increase will be significant, but getting NP5 might be.

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Seems a fair enough reason to keep pumping NP levels regardless, IMO. Least, if you also enjoy using her and stuff. Already have the bulk of her power at NP3.

Almost: AP to QP, it’s 1/2 AP Doors followed by lotteries. And we can usually expect those like once or twice a year? Don’t recall offhand.

Also what’s dadame? I know she’s a daughter so some people are probably her daddies, and she’s kinda silly but nothing close to Dada so much as a strange little book-girl.


Book burning is bad. Especially when said book takes the form of a cute little girl.


I have no idea what a “dadame” is. Apparently it’s what autocorrect thought I meant by “damage”. I assume it’s some kind of postmodern, absurdist philosophy.

Hmm… I guess that does kinda work for an embodiment of children’s stories.

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