Is NP1 Dantes good enough? What should I do?

I mean I don’t consider a farming comp that requires RNG (especially on the 2nd wave) to be “fine”. Certainly not better than the Nitocris -> Mordred -> Mordred comp I’m running. I’ll trade 1 slot to remove RNG any day.

I mean thats fine if it works, not really a question then though

Works for me and its universal so I’m allowed to turn my brain off and not have to readjust my comp

Speaking from experience (my dantes is np1 2k fou lvl90) he has failed to 3T this lancer node only twice on my way to 60 boxes, but I do have a superscope and arctic. I would imagine if you don’t mind plug suit you can get similar performance with a lvl 100 HNS with waver

If you’re that concerned I’d suggest putting one or both DEF downs on the second wave. Jakeyb’s spreadsheet has both the DEF downs on the third wave but the SoA one seems to have put one on the second wave. Likely since even at higher NP levels the NP won’t kill the dragon outright so this makes the RNG decrease which obviously is important for buff duration. If you use FGA it will just facecard farm the rest and it should be wrapped up in like 1 to 2 more turns max.

I am using a level 100, NP3 Dantes, and it still takes a little RNG. I need any non-arts Dantes card, or two Skadi busters for the dragon, or else I have to use a defense down on wave 2. It’s also possible that Roma can resist both defense downs on wave three, which may mean that two Skadi cards may not clear him. I am using a level 20 scope, with Hogwart’s, and the card shuffle pretty much handles 99% of the problems. I think I have only gone to 4 turns like, twice, and I am closing in on 90 boxes.

I’d estimate that Dantes should be fine at NP1, you just have to pay a little more attention to the facecards. If it’s the only way you can do a 5-slot, I’d say it’s worth the effort.


The deck shuffle burnt me more times than I can count.

Oh I will just reshuffle this 1 dantes card hand to get 2 dantes cards, and lo 5 skadi cards

Heh, well, yeah, that does happen. In my case, at least, as long as I get one Dantes buster or quick card, OR any two Skadi busters, I’m fine. If I get totally burned, I just use one of the def downs.

I suppose np3 has its advantages because my dantes needs (assuming just skadi quick buffs) needs a full brave chain (or just 1 quick) if I want him to take down the dragon

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Hmm… Yeah, I guess so. I was planning to use Waver and Plugsuit to reach damage thresholds, but I found the RNG factor irrelevant. That could be a good alternative.

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I am using a level 100 Np2 dantes 1k fou with superscope. I just use the def down on the dragon node and i can 3T it without any issue. Even with no dantes facecard on node 2 the extra skadi cards can kill it with no problem.

We’ve actually been discussing the bit about the benefits of grailing Dantes in PSA: Please Read Before Grailing a Servant, but this comment in particular seems like it’s applicable to your situation:

Yes, Grails and Fous can help make up the difference. The question comes down to whether you like Dantes enough to not regret grailing him.
The same could be said for Zerkerlot.
Since these two are generally the ones with the highest damage ceilings (though the others can get pretty ridiculous, too), I’m going to be referring to them a lot.

Yes, Arts will be taking over in two years, but that’s two years away from now. So, you could be getting two years worth of use out of Dantes (or Zerkerlot). Heck, you could still use them even after Castoria takes over (assuming you have some Skadi friends that don’t want to remove her from FL.)

Similarly, while it will be easier to get more copies of Zerkerlot (through spooks or Free SR tickets), the constraints for Looping Zerkerlot are quite a bit stricter than for looping Dantes. The most reliable set ups generally involve MLB Scope and very specific MCs or plugsuiting Waver in, which isn’t much better.

Ultimately, it comes down to how you feel about Dantes. If you like him enough that you won’t regret grailing him, by all means, go ahead. But if you’re not sure how you feel about Dantes, carefully consider whether or not he’s worth 5 grails.

Personally, I think the count is really interesting as a character, but I’m not fond of him enough to toss a grail at him.

This is the set up I use. It may be kind of a whale like situation but wave clear is easy. The dragon and Roma may survive Dantes NP but most of the time they’re left with just 20k HP which is enough even for some Skadi face cards to finish them off.

Note : HNS is lvl 100

By grailing Dantes to 100 you’ll get around 9% extra damage when compared to lv90 with lv20 kaleido. By fou-ing him to 2k the difference rises to ~16%. Doing both with NP1 Dantes will not bring him to lv90 NP2 levels of damage, but the difference will be around 7-8% instead of 25%. If that 9-16% extra damage will be enough in your opinion…
After grailing him it might be possible to 3T clear this lotto node semi-reliably with just him, lv20 Kaleido, double Skadi and Mage Association MC when using one Skadi’s S2 on W2 and shuffling cards on W3 if needed(losing a couple of seconds to do a quick chain on W1 or leading with a quick card to get some stars before NP might be also a good idea, in order to get 50+ stars on W2 and then with guaranteed crits the dragon will go down even if all you get are quick and arts skadi cards).
And it kinda might be possible to clear the lotto node of the next part of the event, but it won’t be reliable at all(3T clearing it with lv90 NP1 Dantes without superscope will be almost impossible, unless you get 2 quick crit cards on W3 and not even close to being guaranteed to happen even then. Thanks, Earth attribute of enemies).
Generally, I’d advise to use plugsuit Waver for reliability if you have one. But if plugsuit is utilised - DSS comp loses one of its advantages and you can be cosidered better off with a non-looping team composition. All in all, from what I know, most high-reward event nodes(lottos in particular) aren’t well suited for plugsuitless Np1 Dantes without superscope, even if he is grailed and fou-ed, you are a little(or a lot) dependant on RNG anyway. For double Skadi anything MLB Kaleido is more or less a must in order to hit high damage benchmarks, sadly.

I grailed and fou-ed my NP2 Dantes and it helps with damage, making the 3T setup basically RNG-independant even if I don’t have MLB Kaleido myself, but I grailed and fou-ed him because I liked him as a character. From what I see about your problem - grailing alone certainly won’t help much and grailing and fou-ing will, probably, only help partially. Unless you get MLB scope, you, probably, can be better off with other options. For regular farming nodes NP1 Dantes is okay, but for the lottos…

A bespoke comp will almost always outperform the DSS, especially using a class-neutral point like Dantes. I’ve personally been using a DSS with NP3 Dantes and superscope because it’s very auto-clicker friendly even if my slow internet and phone hardware get in the way (I normally have to step in once every 6 or 7 hours to fix it up when the game lags enough to cause a misclick).
Depending on how much RNG you’re willing to let in, you can definitely use a modified version of the DSS - I tested a modified 6-CE comp where Dantes got 100% from two Skadis, 40% from plugsuit Waver for W2 NP and charged to 90+% with Quick/Arts crits on the dragon, and it never ran higher than 4 turns (because failed draws on W2 made backup draws on W3 more likely). No good for an autoclicker, since you had to make the call between using Waver’s defence or attack buff depending on draws in W2, and build chains very carefully, and probably need NP3 to pull it off anyway. So that specific comp probably isn’t for you, but as others have pointed out HNS or other 50% CEs and a plugsuit Waver will probably do the trick to help compensate for a lower NP level. Knights of Marines, if you have it a decent level, may be a nice backup pick? If you’re willing to invest and test, NP1 Dantes will by and large do the trick.
That said… I do reiterate a bespoke build will almost always outdo the DSS, especially in terms of clear consistency. It’s powerful, but I’ll probably stop in the next two rounds since I can likely run some 6-CE comps using a variety of powerful self-chargers.

Hi OP,

I personally grailed my NP1 Dantes to 100 for DPS purposes. I tried running DSS + Normal KScope + Double Skadi to check for RNG on the current lottery node (I usually use DSS + Waver to minimize RNG).

Honestly, it works. Even the dragon to Wave 2 can be killed without a Dantes face card, I tried using Skadi Buster + Dantes’ NP + Skadi Buster in that order (Note even if only the 1st Skadi’s card crits, it leaves 6.8k hp on the dragon.) Roma on the other hand, really requires Dantes’ facecards. Either 1 Quick or 2 Buster/Arts to make sure he dies in 3T.

Tips: Always try to make Quick chains for the extra 10 stars as Dantes’ NP generates roughly 40+ stars so there’s still a chance you might not crit. For Wave 3 (Roma), use Dantes’ 3rd Skill to generate the missing 10 stars to ensure all facecards will crit. Use 1 Skadi’s def down skill in Wave 2 and the other one at Wave 3 to ensure dragon doesn’t break your 3T setup.

For hard numbers, let me refer you to Tetragoner’s post in a different thread in response to a question about grailing Dantes:

But in summary, he/she says that:

  • Grailing from L90->L100 adds 1,197 Atk

  • SR Fous will give you another 1,000 Atk

  • Using a lvl 100 pure attack CE (e.g. Superscope/Golden Sumo/Holy Night Supper/Aerial Drive) adds 1,286 Atk (2,000-786 which is the Atk stat of a lvl 20 KScope).

L90 Dantes:

  • MA + 2x Skadi, 786 scope: 88,302-107,924 (98,113).
  • MA + 2x Skadi, 786 scope + SR Fous: 94,422-115,405 (104,913).
  • Combat (L10/30% ATK Up) + 2x Skadi, 786 HNS (15% NP Up, his best here) + Waver buff (30% ATK Up+500 static): 131,060-160,074 (145,567).
  • Above + SR Fous: 140,110-171,134 (155,622).
  • Combat + 2x Skadi, 2K HNS + Waver: 142,046-173,501 (157,774).

L100 Dantes:

  • MA + 2x Skadi, 786 scope: 95,628- 116,879 (106,253).
  • MA + 2x Skadi, 786 scope + SR Fous: 101,932-124,584 (113,258).
  • L10 Combat + 2x Skadi, 786 HNS + Waver: 141,893-173,313 (157,603).
  • Above but 2K HNS: 153,558-187,571 (170,564).

Hope this helps!

Btw you should get another copy in next summer. NP1 to NP2 gain 25% dmg, what a huge!

It really is.

I’ve been using my NP1 Dantes with this set up and rarely i get a bad hand, specially now that i know more or less when to use the card shuffle which has saved a Wave more times than i can count and honestly the RNG is very manageable with it.

This is truly the power of a 5 Slot Comp.

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Mine works just fine, as you can see dantes’ skill 1 is still level 5 and my skadi’s skill 2 is lvl 4 and the only friend skadi i have with mlb lotto ce is skill level 7 but still works for me. You just need to rely on rng though, and the random card from mc saves me a lot of time. Opened around 42 box(Should’ve been more if i just have moree apples) and my comps only failed like 3 or 4 times during this round, But i don’t know if this would still work on the next round

P.S i might grail him since i really like him and he’s like our very own guardian angel in game that saves us when we’re in trouble and i’m also a fan of danganronpa so it’s another reason for me to grail him

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Although my Dantes arguably did not need any grails at NP5, I have found that any boost to his effectiveness is a solid QoL investment if you intend to use DSS with any frequency and if you use Dantes as a CQ or story quest option.

I’m stockpiling gold Fous for now, but he just needs his final grail for lvl 100 at the end of Gilfest. Any future enhancements to the Quick card type or to his own kit are also more likely than not to have a large impact since he’s a high-performing attacker who just wanted for proper support, so he’s a great choice provided that you like him.