Is np1 fran a good aoe ? Answer needed asap. Thanks

On my alt, I have a lv70 spartacus, and lv80 maou for my neutral farming, but maou seems to be falling short since her skills are so low. So I do have an np1 fran (lv37 currently) that i am looking at leveling up, I just need to know if she is worth it over leveling up salieri for the upcoming castoria meta. I am no where near the LB’s yet to fully level up salieri, so kep that in mind. I am heading into Camelot and am working on the servants I am most likely to get the most out of. I know kintoki is going to come in handy for a few of the bosses, but I need a wave clearer for the first 2 waves. Spartacus and someone else. I’m currently looking at fran, since I dont have any other neutral farmer besides NP1 Hokusai. (Even she may need mats I dont have access to.)

Unless you have all the bones you’re going to get more ROI from Arash, Chen Gong, and Spartacus.

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How well do they work on neutral nodes? I know fran is a zerk, so she’s pretty much fine and would also setup stars for AA’s buster crits, too.

They work great on neutral nodes. They’re AOE servants that hit like ST servants.

Mine are grailed to 70 and if you save Gong’s buster boost for W3 Spartacus (or another buster DPS) will hit that much harder.

If you have a plan for Fran being useless after she gets stunned (debuff immunity, one of the Commands Codes being used in time) then she’s going to be better sometimes. But her skill upgrade cost is high when it comes to mats.

It sounds like you haven’t invested in those bronze servants and it’s a mistake if you haven’t.

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So I looked at the mat requirements for Chen and Arash. I have enough to level them up, may not have the exp, but i do have the mats. Arash could take care of most nodes short of lancer, and chen could take care of most nodes short of rider.

The only problem would be the buffs, needed to boost their damage.


On a new account, I’m gonna go ahead and say she’s probably not gonna outperform a servant like Maou Nobu. Not because she’s fantastically amazing or anything but because Fran typically requires a fair amount of investment.

If you get her 3rd skill to at least lvl 6 and do her interludes/rank-ups, she’ll put out some really reliable NP damage, she’s got one of the highest AoE NPs in the game, competing with a great number of SSR units.

Since you’re only looking for an early wave clearer, she’ll fit the bill perfectly as long as you’ve got an outside battery to help her out. I would, however, be remiss if I didn’t say that there are multiple GOOD low rarity units that can serve as wave clearers, like Spartacus. Arash is one such servant, even going so far as to be able to clear waves with neutral damage. Another that may be worth looking into is Hektor, an AoE lancer. Jason is also worth mentioning since he’s reasonably strong despite his status as a 1* unit- plus low rarity sabers are something of a rarity, the fact that he’s actually good makes him quite unique.

TL;DR Fran is good as a wave clearer but there are low rarity units that could serve the role equally well, as they’re much easier to raise to their highest natural potential.


I looked into the mats needed, and jason is going to have to hold off until I complete at least LB3. I’m going to need to do some more Caster gems, pages, and seed farming for Castoria to be at least remotely useful with skill lv 8. So I have to complete Camelot, farm Friday’s caster nodes, farm exp, and farm the extra mats, while trying to level up servants to complete the main story, so i can get to the LB’s?

Well crap… :fgo_jeannu:

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Yeah just take the story at your pace, don’t try to rush anything. You’ll find yourself burnt out fast. Jason is by no means mandatory.

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The problem with Frann is getting her NP up and dealing with her stun. I’d you have a fresh account you don’t necessarily have chargers or command codes to prevent this stuff.

So on that note, it all depends on what you have as supporting options in your roster. If you have a waver and are going to go for castoria, Chrn Gong is most likely the best farmer on your team barring high HpP rider nodes.

Otherwise, if you can get Arash’s append skill to max, he will be a 50% charger for wave 1 which will then allow you to switch to other options.

Forget about Jason, he is costly in terms of mats and his dammage is, well 1*.

Fran is a fun servant and has a strong AoE NP she can absolutely be used to clear 1 wave, but she can self combust at any time if not properly supported (that stun…).

Maou will shine but not just yet, she needs her upgrade and Koyanskaya to really assert itself as a great neutral farmer.


imo Fran is more of a last wave farmer. Upgraded NP with NP strength skill, not to mention once she is stunned on the 1st/2nd wave she is dead weight for the next wave


Fran is not worth the investment versus Chen Gong/Arash. Especially as the former becomes the Grand General once Castoria drops. ArashGong/DCS/Waver/whatever else you have is >>> Fran. Particularly a Fran without double Skadi.

Nvm that you need to play around Fran’s stun with Asclepius, CCs etc.


As many people has said, NP1 Fran is expensive to upgrade, hard to enable in a limited rooster, and can easily be reemplaced by low cost F2P servants like Arash, Spartacus or Gong, that are cheaper and easier to enable with F2P tools. Arash and Gong in particular are still convenient, cheap and usefull options even in more developed roosters. I keep using Gong for a lot of 3T comps, and the only reason I stoped using Arash is because he’s Bond10 and I have many other options to 3T without him.

Dont get me wrong, I love her and I actually have used mine a lot, but I know from experience that at NP1 Fran is not going to be that much usefull once you start to get more options with real class advantage (or better neutral/universal farmers), specially if you dont have DSS and some way to deal with her self stun.