Is NP2 Gilgamesh worth it?

Is NP2 Gilgamesh worth it? In terms of high level farming, such as lottery events, or challenge quests; is he needed at a higher NP levels? If so, examples please.

Worth what exactly?

Worth rolling for a second copy of him.

Yes. He does a lot more dmg at NP2

He is one of the best NP2 targets imo, go for it.

But if you are f2p, better get a new servant than np2 servant unless he/she is your waifu/husbando

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It’s recommended , not necessary. I think an Black Grail is more important, MLB Black Grail makes for that difference quite nicely on Challenge Quest.

NP2 only if you like his character and you don’t want anything else.

NP2 is a great update and his NP is more like ST for all enemies.

Well I failed to get him np2 and wasted all saves for Abby so the answer is yes, he’s worth


Generally the jump from np1 —> np2 is always worth it (and from np2 —> np3 for AoE servants), but especially for a servant like Gilgamesh who

  1. Scales super well with common buster supports (Merlin, Shakespeare, Lancer Raikou, even Helena)

  2. Is probably a balancing test the devs use when setting HP values for events

  3. Is commonly used even without class advantage

You can even look at the Xmas lotto prep thread and check np1 Gil vs np2 Gil in average output—the difference is pretty significant.

He’ll be good for Da Vinci though I haven’t looked at comps for that yet; assuming lots of servants can clear that.

keep in mind the meta will shift with skadi’s arrival
Gil is still valuable but noticeably less so for event farming because other options have opened up

Black Grail is actually inferior to LZO (or Demon King, the Gudaguda 2 gacha CE) on Gilgamesh due to his in-kit 30% NP strength up modifier.

So what you’re telling me is that I need to go NP3 my Gil?

I mean why stop there then. NP5?

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Ehh. For Xmas 3 especially the jump from np3 —> np5 isn’t so significant I’d advise it from a gameplay perspective.

But np3 for AoE servants is generally worth it. (Np3 Kiara and Lartoria had an edge over their np1/2 counterparts in NeroFest to reach damage/refund benchmarks w/o RNG, for example.)

I wouldn’t necessarily go above np2 for ST servants unless you love them.

AoE NPs also do less damage so the higher NP levels give a better ROI.

I noticed a very nice dmg increase in NP2 Ishtar, so I agree. I’m definitely trying for NP2 Gil as well.