Is Picnic Felicia still useable or just special fighter fodder?

I have a neutral Picnic Felicia at cero merges and with base kit, I was making a TT team to grind some SP while getting rewards, her only good stats are her spd (40) and her res (35), Is she still worth using, her weapon is kinda niche, kills beasts and reduces atk and spd of the foes if she has higher res than them, with phantom res that would be no problem but her defense is low 30 and her atk 46 so is she worth using for TT or should I manual her at this point and get another unit for the TT team?


I’d say to hang onto her for now because she should get a refine eventually, but in the current state of the game there’s not much point in using her over numerous other green armors, especially Bagel, B-Ephraim, and Gustav

She has a beast effective Prf but when the most feared beast in the game right now has like 50 Def and she has only 30 Base Atk… She’s not doing anything


I’d definitely hang onto her. There’s loads of Special Fighter fodder but so few beast effective weapons. Sure, she’s not doing anything to Crazygard but basically no one is doing anything to that. At the very least she could be handy for AA against non-demon tier beasts.


If you want some spicy purple Freyja goo stew spilled all over the place - look no further, maybe give her a better A skill.
If anything else… keep her anyway, she’s cute!

Sorry, I’m no help at all!


Requires some specific skills, specifically SF+ QR or just VF, and probably Atk/Def Menace since it’s such a huge stat swing, but it can be done