Is Plegian Torch worth it?

I didn’t realize until just before going to bed the Dark Flier Tharja’s Plegian Torch is an inheritable green tome. Naturally, my first instinct was “Let’s try it on Elise!”

Where she is.

Where she could be.

NOTE: I changed my mind and wanted her to keep Steady Impact.

My question is: is Plegian Torch actually any good, or is it really just good on paper? It says it stacks a debuff on top of an existing debuff, so I assume that it only applies when there’s a visible debuff and not in-combat debuffs, yes?

If the skill is good, I might get some orbs when I get paid and try for a Tharja to get her tome. Otherwise, I might try for more merges for my NY!Velouria, see how close to +10 I can get her (she’s at +5.)


It does only apply to visible debuffs. I don’t have her tome, but I got lucky and rolled a Katarina, who has the same tome but slaying and PRF.

It only works of visible debuffs, but you do automatically get -5 no matter what. It also scales with reins and such, so you can get -14 pretty easy, or even -19 with outside aid as well (like B!Veronica or something). To clarify, the reins do not add to the debuffs, but if you have say -5 + a -5 debuff on the target, for a total of -15 (-10 from tome, -5 from the original debuff) the rein will then kick in for a total of -19)

It is certainly a powerful tome, provided you can debuff consistently. In the event you can’t, the -5 is still pretty nice, and technically better than the +3 buffs from the madness flask

Of course, the prerequisite is that you do have to be solo, so best to keep that in mind.


I feel like the weapons have very high strength ceilings, but they definitely require the proper support. I am trying Kris’ axe right now, and it seems quite good.
You have to ask yourself if you would actually use the tome before spending, and I recommend setting aside 20 or so orbs just to test your luck.
This may be unwarranted advice, but I noticed that in her second build she has chill atk/res. If you want her to be a tank, I suggest using sabotage / chill support from another unit, so that she can run a lull / ncd / nfu.


It’s not that she’s going to be a tank, rather that she’s going to be bulky. She’ll still be an offensive unit.

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Oh okay then, sorry for misjudging your build. I still think that it is a worthwhile investment, because it will make her quite strong. I think its important to note that visible debuffs may become irrelevant similar to visible buffs some time in the future. The release of penalty nullification prf weapons may subtract from the tome’s value, but it is still very strong for the foreseeable future :catsleep:

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It’s already better than most green tome prfs for the -5 atk/res which gives bulk and damage so I say it’s definitely worth it,I also plan to pull for 1 myself.


What’s making it tempting for me is the Chill effect stacking on it. That alone gives Elise an effective +15 ATK for a nice, intimidating 75 ATK while also boosting her defenses up to 49. All against the target with the highest ATK/RES, but that tends to be antimages anyways, so that gives her a measure of safety, if even a small one, against her magical counters.

It is a great weapon, but it can be even better with the right support (e.g. someone like Nils, who debuffs everyone nearby with dancing; cheaper options would be a smile dagger user)