Is pokemon go dead?

Pokemon go is kiling itself thanks to its greed and toxic players
In my area, no one battles in raids and gyms take years to be taken out. The only places that are active are places like santa monica and new york because spoofers are there. So am I wrong?

I wouldn’t say that’s the case where I live (south-central Minnesota)—most gyms have a fairly good turnover rate and I see people raiding now and then too. I think in-person raids might be less popular now but that’s just because remote raids are now an option.

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I live in a city of just under a million and the Discord has died, and I believe 2 people still go to raid group. I have 120 people on my friend list and the last 3 challenges only 1 person seemed to really participate. I’ve been assuming that people are either all doing PvP or just not logging on anymore. It seems like it started around the time incense got reduced to walk-only and then again pretty sharply after GoFest.

Also, this message board is worldwide and only about 10 people use it from what I can tell so yes I’ve noticed it too haha


I think its bc its in the us and is a target for spoofers or idk

Statistically it’s still very popular, the problem in terms of the in-person community is that after raids died, it’s now got three distinct play-styles that I can see:

  1. Collectors, of whatever degree of depth (1of each, male/female, costumes and so on)

  2. PvP. You get legendaries through PvP so no need to raid.

  3. Casuals, who don’t ever play seriously enough to get into communities whether local or online.

None of these styles need a community as such, which gives it the impression of “dying”.

My local group isn’t what it was by a long way, but that’s partially due to personal reasons - some have moved,some have kids etc and partially due to a lack of new T5s. Online there’s far less to talk about, we’ve all seen it before, nothing new is revolutionary etc and the rate of release of anything good is slow, as well as being increasingly paywalled, at least in terms of time for release.

I think Campfire is the last throw of the dice for communities. All of the half-arsed post-Covid CD measures and “community champion” bullshit is for show. If campfire can get some unknown players into the local scenes it might help but again, for those of us who have played longer, raids are still pretty dull so it’ll be more about getting a social circle established, as that’s what keeps communities playing as much as the game. There’s still a reasonable turnover of gyms in my town, maybe 48 hours on average and there’s a lot of names I don’t know.

On here, we’ve seen it all, we haven’t got much left to say (I’m only really repeating stuff I’ve said previously) so it’s pretty quiet compared to, say, 2019.

Tl;dr The main play styles now aren’t really dependent on communities working together.


I agree, thanks for the opinion.

This explains why stuff like Discord and FB groups are dying out since the community aspect isn’t integral to the game anymore. Its definitely a different game than it was two/three years ago.

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It’s not dead, but it is a shadow of its former self. I live close to a somewhat major city (Cleveland Ohio). There’s still a somewhat active raiding community, but it’s mostly people sending invite raids to other group members than it is in person raid trains. I think in addition to what people have already mentioned, there’s two other things that have contributed.

  1. Lack of new PVE Mets relevant releases. I think we got spoiled in the first two years of Community Day with dratini, larvitar, beldum, and bagon. Outside of that it’s been mostly PVP focused releases. Things like Gible and Deino still draw out good amounts of players around here. I think if they had paced themselves better people wouldn’t complain so much of the glory days of Community Days past. It used to be four relevant or interesting Community Days per year now it’s usually one. (I do PvP so it’s a little better, but I understand it from a more casual perspective).

  2. There isn’t a need for large raid groups, even for casual people anymore. There’s apps like Poke Genie that can help pretty much anybody raid at any time. I still ask people in my local groups if they want raids, and if there’s no responses I just host the raid on Poke Genie. It’s a lifesaver really, because one of jobs is third shift and if there’s raids at six AM, I can reasonably assume most people in my groups are asleep and just jump straight to Poke Genie.

So yeah. It’s not dying, but it is a shell of its former self. I’ve adjusted fine, I’ve just lowered my expectations going forward and that’s served me well.

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I’ve recently started doing that, it’s something I resisted for a long time but if I want to raid multiple times per day it’s my only option.

Something I didn’t mention here but did elsewhere is that the rare xl drop rate isn’t enough to make me spend a premium pass, sometimes even my free pass. I don’t need to raid at all really but if you got, say, 1 rare xl guaranteed I might be more interested, but it’s just another badly implemented “reward” that doesn’t hook the community.

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Oh yea, its really hard to get xls for pokemon like mew or meloetta

To Oaf post that I agree almost fully I would add

  • Power creep means many raids can be done with 2-3 accounts. All couples in my area just created an alt and don’t need anybody, this includes brothers, friends, housemates…

  • Gym defense has been dead for so long. I do not take gyms because there are usually enough spaces available for me to drop my PokĂ©mon. This truly needs a rethink but that probably belongs in a different post. Ages ago I met people taking down gyms because it was a 30 minutes task but the rewards were brilliant.

  • Remote passes, I have said my opinion several times, they are a huge paywall that destroys the live AR community. They are slowly capping them but most have to be done. Again probably belongs in a different post.

  • Raiding needs a revamp, the current rewards don’t motivate anyone, the prizes afterwards seem random and are only worth for a medal that most players don’t care about in the first place. People may start bothering getting out of their houses, powering up PokĂ©mon and not using the recommended teams if the rewards were appropriate an depending on these factors. Currently instead of using the mega with most damage I just use the one that boost the XLRC of the raid pokemon, this surely has to be wrong, why bother rising my Charizard to level 50 and hunting a hundo if I will not use it to fight.

All in all, my community has the players but they just don’t play together anymore.


Its been a while since a big revamp. Team Rocket was 2019, Megas were the last sorta-big update and that was 2 years ago. Since then, the only changes have been incremental tweaks (12km eggs, buddy AR mode, etc). Gyms have been dead for years.

I think the best hope for increasing the social aspect of the game (which was the initial draw) would be a huge gym revamp. That would shake up the game again, inject some PvE interest, and get more people doing in-person stuff!


Let’s brainstorm then!

Not sure how to fix gyms. Maybe you need a tier system and gyms in say NewYork behave differently than these in a village in Colorado.

At these moment gyms work best in suburban areas where it is not so difficult to take a gym and hold it for just 8/24h.

In a rural spot you will hold the gym for too long (sometimes months or even years). They only work when people get two accounts with different colors and self-switch every 8h. Off course this is cheating according to niantic.

In an urban area you’re usually kicked from the gym in less than 1h (you’re lucky to hold a gym in Manhattan for longer than 10 mins).

And in all cases animations take longer than the actual battle so this have to be wrong.

Brainstorm: How about mixing PVP and gyms?


This last few announcements has convinced me more than ever that productive, positive changes aren’t on the agenda at niantic.

It’s all stick and no carrot, look at the recent events;

  1. Raid in person (and in groups) to extend CD to a duration it previously was anyway - do they want us all to play together during the 3 hours or in the subsequent 4 hours?

  2. Watch GBL championship on twitch (still don’t really know what it is) to get an extra quest to get PvP teams.

  3. Then go to the championships in person to get ETMs. This isn’t a GoFest or community event, it’s just desperately trying to pad figures to the world rock, paper, scissors champs, presumably to sell more advertising space next year.

No actual gameplay/qol improvements (sorry, we’ve got the remember pokeball update) just more being told to play in specific ways.

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Its all idle speculation at this point. I highly doubt it will get the big overhaul it needs, especially since we’ve been saying this for years.
If it does, it would need to be something that is both more fun than the current slog and more rewarding than the maybe 50coins for getting your timing right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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import sys
def pogo():

Why not just say the whole Pokemon franchise is being driven to death instead?

re: Gyms
-Give us a “Return” button that allows us to remove a Pokemon from a Gym and collect the coins. (if we have available space for more coins that day)

So actual rewards for defeating gym defenders? That would be an interesting change. And as long as the rewards are small (say, you get a Potion or a Revive every time you defeat a gym defender), it wouldn’t be worth exploiting while at the same time making it useful enough for a large number of players who are regularly running low on Potions and Revives (often after having to throw out dozens due to RNG shenanigans) that we’d actually fight gym defenders more often.

Maybe have a Weekly system like Walking where if you defeat X Gym Defenders, you get A extra prizes, and make there three levels like with the walking. Defeat 10 Defenders, get A. Defeat 50 Defenders, get B. Defeat 250 Defenders, get C.

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