Is Prisma Cosmos worth nowadays?

In this era where even aoe servants can deal st damage during challenge quests and loop, i ask if that ce is of any value at all for someone who has the means to just double waver or double skadi everything, i have one at level 100 full of spidewebs because it simply doesn’t seem to have any use at any point since lb2 and all other better CEs are at lv100 so it’s just waiting to be a xp bomb if one day i luck out and lb my kaleido

If you double waver/skadi everything why’d you get it 100 in the first place?


cuz it was the first ce i got lb that wasn’t a event freebie
as a f2p it’s a mission to put those at 100 when you get them

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I still use PC, but only when I decide to stall a CQ. I don’t typically use it otherwise because battle tends to be too short otherwise to get the benefit. Did use it today on Asclepius when pitting saberlot against Tristan for faster access to his np for heals on saberlot… But ended up being just 9 turns before saberlot creamed Tristan despite disadvantage… So probably would have been fine with another 2030 like merlin for more consistent crits instead :feh_lucyshrug:

I understand the desire to reclaim the exp… But that is a difficult ce to mlb outside of whaling and feels unfortunate to loose it


I still use PC, but only when I decide to stall a CQ.

This. It’s much more of a situational CE in the current meta but I’d still keep an MLB 5 star CE at 100 just because of its rarity and its place in a stall team.

It’s better to have an infrequently used, high quality tool at hand than not have it when you urgently need it. Case in point, the current KP CQ is a place where PC absolutely shines.


It’s good if you choose to play blind and want additional security over pre-planning a team with answers to whatever the fight is proposing. I still run double Prisma builds pretty frequently (if I can spare the energy, I’ll be running about 3 different ones to checkmate full-gauge Kama, not that she’s going to be a particular struggle in a post-Castoria world) - they’re not everyday fare but I’d never be without double Prisma just for the sheer flexibility of approach that it permits.


i like slow facecard teams so i use it on tamamo or servants i dont wanna facecard but have their np up like asclp


Still worth. I just used it yesterday for the Kingprotea stall team where it was quite good on Tamamo and mine isn’t even MLB’ed having just 2 copies. I wouldn’t bother feeding it to something else especially as a F2P you don’t run into non rateup 5* CE’s very often in the gacha.


I have it MLB and 100 too. I loved the effect and the art. Like you said, gotta 100 those MLB perma CEs.

I rarely use it and mostly just slap it on Merlin on support. I did use it like yesterday for KingProtea which help spam NP like crazy.

I’m not sure on how effective it will be on Team Avalon builds. I’m guessing it is still good for it.

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I love BunBun’s threads which are like “I [did something] because i thought it’s great but it actually isn’t I feel scammed”


I must have missed the part where f2ps are supposed to use their resources indiscriminately


I used PC for the KP fight literally yesterday


I dont normally have the units to buzzsaw bosses down so I still use it heavily. It’s practically glued to Jeanne and Tamamo


In my case, if a SSR CE like that comes home and lets me MLB it. I’ll be damn sure to 100 it.

And that is why I have Another Ending at 100 even though I barely use it.

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:feh_confused: I got imaginary around, another ending, and Victor of the moon all mlb now, but I haven’t used any in years. Why spend several million FPs each for the ce bomb fodder to raise them just because they are mlb? That is definitely a poor use of resources when I can use on another AD (which I’m much more likely to use) or save them for that arts equivalent of AD we get later.


I 100% agree with this, the last people who should be using their limited resources on wasteful things like leveling non-pure attack CEs are free to play players, since they’re inherently the most limited in terms of the required resources. I get that from a more sentimental viewpoint things like taking suboptimal ces to 100, or grailing your first ssr even if you don’t like them or don’t use them sounds like decent ideas, they’re just not worth the costs, which should be put into things you use or like, and if nothing that fits that is available, you save those resources for something that’s actually worth it.


Can you give a list of priority CEs?

I’ve got Kscope, HNS, prisma, golden sumo, mGOS, another ending, sweet crystal, oniland and pharoah.

Currently working on limited/zero over. Planning to max Honeyland next. BG is still stuck at 20/20 unfortunately

I honestly do not know the rankings of must max out CEs. So I’ve been going on what i love/like.


I’m sure I’ll slap 1 on Tamamo and 1 on Jeanne when I get to KP. But I probably haven’t used it since the last KP fight and probably won’t again until Nerofest.

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Full atack stats and effects you find useful are where you start. The difference between 1k atk on a mixed ce from a 2k atk on a pure attack makes a huge difference. It’s why AD trumps devilish bottivah on Arash because the extra stats gives more value than the extra overcharge.

These are all CEs I have maxed (or would if I had MGoS). Sumo I wouldn’t prioritize as high anymore since we have more card specific choices, but the generic 15% atk up fits anywhere you want

I don’t remember what oniland and Pharoah are.


Oniland was 50 charge and 10 arts and 10

Pharoah was buster and np damage up

Both at attack CEs.