Is Shiki (Assassin) still worthwhile to use at NP1?

I’ve had her since the original run of KnK and was able to get her Ascension mats but none of her copies. I had made it a goal of mine to actually get the copies in the rerun but by then I had been burnt out on FGO around that time. So now I’m sitting on her Level 80 NP1 but don’t even use her out of a sense of shame.

So my question is if I should actually use her in any possible future content or just burn her and get it over with?

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Well one of the selling points of Shiki is her NP damage for been at NP 5 because is a welfare servant, but at NP 1 i don’t think that is pretty pretty fat to be as good as a normal Shiki.
But you would not win anything burning her, she is a welfare so burning her just give a little amount of Mana Prisms.


Not being NP5 means she can’t be a Nuker, as even with her NP upgrade her NP1 is pretty bad.

She still has a functional kit, 30% battery, 50% arts up, evade and good crit damage, but as she loses the nuking niche thr other Assassibs catch up to her pretty easily (except Chiyome).

Here’s Hundred Faces Hassan at NP5 and with her NP upgrade, remember that she has both a 3 turn arts up and arts res. down on NP so her damage increases the more you use it while Shiki’s will be tied to Mystic Eyes’ 1 turn effect.

I say keep her both because there’s no benefit to burning welfare and she us still more useful than any Chiyome you might get.


NP1 Shiki is more useful than Chiyome?

I beg to differ.

And that was while looping and boosting crits so :man_shrugging:


My Chiyome is NP1 so i may or may not lack experience on her.

Yeah NP1 sucks. But most Assassins at NP1 suck.

If all you have is an NP1 Shiki then the best Assassin is probably Hundred Personas. Sadly, ST NP5 3 stars are frequently better than NP1 4 stars.

Chiyome overtakes Hundred Personas at NP3 iirc.

In terms of damage yes, but while Chiyome is less of a damage dealer her main use is looping her NP. She generates more gauge and more stars on her face cards and on an NP Arts Brave Chain she can loop with use of her S3 on no crit and without if she crits on any of her face cards.

Maybe KnK event will get Main Interlude one day as well, so you’ll be able to grab 4 more Shiki copies provided you can to pay two RP for each copy.

Burning her won’t do any good anyway, and she may be an event bonus servant one day, so if it pains you to see her, just banish her to your Second Archive.


Maybe they’ll add her to the FP summon like they did with Saber Lily on JP…

Hey I can dream.


This is what the second archive was made for.

I know how Chiyome works about as well as anyone, but this thread isn’t about Chiyome so why would I go into that level of detail?

Because they’re’s asking about if it’s worth it to use a Servant, not who has the best DPS. You brought up that Hundred Personas was better than Chiyome, I remarked that it was only true from a pure DPS on NP perspective. Figured we had moved on from whether it was worth it to use Shiki at NP 1 in the first two replies(yes, but for crits and kit not NP damage) and were now offering other opinions on what they could field instead.

Please, do tell me where I said Hundred Personas was better than Chiyome.



Okay I’m still not seeing it.

You have emboldened some text but no where is Chiyome mentioned within it.

But in case you are confused, I’ll draw your attention to this:

If all you have is an NP1 Shiki

No my statement still stands… do you really think if he’s been playing long enough to own even 1 copy of Shiki he lacks other SR Assassins? That would be absurdly bad luck, verging on impossible so I ignored the .000000001% chance a player may have only 1 SR and it being Shiki in 2021. So your comparison to their damage and stating that

Is pretty easily interpreted as saying that Hundred Personas is better than Chiyome.

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Good grief this is difficult.

I literally defended Chiyome and pointed out how awesome she is in my first post on this thread.

The OP doesn’t mention what Servants they do or don’t have. It’s entirely possible they don’t have many Assassin options, perhaps that’s why they are asking the question. There’s a reason why Gray is so anticipated, Assassins just aren’t as common as other classes, especially decent ones.
But anyways, I said this:



No, no it’s not.


Well sadly, that is totally imposible because Shiki unlike Saber like need special ascention materials that can’t be obtained outside the KnK collab event

BB and Santa Altera were added permanently to the game so it’s safe to assume they’re planning on doing that for all the welfares eventually, though it’s taking them a long time to do so for some weird reason.

I don’t always pay attention to how many times a person has posted, just reply to a post when I feel like something might be worth adding. Whether or not you intended that post to come across as an endorsement of Hundred Personas over Chiyome, that’s how it came across, especially in referencing that Chiyome only exceeds damage at NP3 when most commonly it’s NP2 at which a higher rarity Servant will outperform a lower rarity NP5.

The shitty thing about text only communication is that there’s no inflection, so your words can be more easily misinterpreted. But fine, I see your point, still feel like adding WHY Chiyome might outperform despite lower DPS on NP was worth adding.