Is Skadi good in this team?

I don’t have many 4* and 5* servants, i’m using the same team since i started playing: Saberlot, Hans, Atalante, Achilles and Mash (all bond 10, except Achilles is bond 8). With Lostbelt Mash now is completally useless, so I wanted to replace her. I know Skadi is good for quick team (so with my Atalante and Achilles should be perfect, right?) but is she also good with Saberlot and Hans? (im talking about her NP). If not, who could be perfect for those two?

Thank you for ur answer.

Skadi is good in every team, but especially with Atalante and Achilles. Even with non-quick servants, a 50% NP battery and -30% def (effectively +30% attack for your whole team) is amazing. Roll for her.

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thank you for your answer. But isn’t it a bit risky? I mean Mash was amazing in my team because she could protect my Saberlot and Hans, and her NP combined with my caster was just incredible for my saber. Skadi doesn’t offer any kind of defense support. Is she op anyway?

I wouldn’t call Skadi OP, per se. She is a Big Four support, however, and one of the only two servants in the game that can charge an allied NP by 50%, which makes her extremely valuable for farming. Her NP has a 1-hit evade buff, so she can use that to protect the party against NPs, if you can charge it quickly enough.

For Hans/Saberlot, your best support options would be either Caster Gilgamesh (if you want to go all-in on arts crits) or Tamamo (the best arts support in the game). Merlin is always great for his party invul and passive star/NP gen, even if his buster buff isn’t being used. Of course, Waver is good in every team, as well.

Arts teams work better in longer battles, assuming you can prevent NPs from one-shotting you (Mash+Tamamo should be able to stack defense enough to reduce damage to zero on enemy NP turns). Quick teams are more about trying to kill an enemy before it kills you, which is where Skadi excels. In the long run, Atalante is one of the best servants for double-Skadi NP-looping strategies, which become possible if you get a KScope (or a Waver).

In short, Skadi will be immediately useful for buffing your Atalante and Achilles’ damage, plus being super awesome for farming via her NP battery, but will become even more valuable as your roster expands, eventually allowing for the most reliable 3T farming teams in the game.


ok, i’ll roll for her anyway since I have a good amount of sq. I use to take Jeanne/Merlin/Waver to accompany my Saberlot/Hans so i guess i’ll continue to do so

ty for ur time and for answering, again

My pleasure! Best of luck on your rolls!

3turn damage cut that scales with np overcharge and a party wide evade on np not considered defensive support?


Also normal mash is still available in cq’'s and events still it just in story mode where she’s forced into VR outfit

Her damage cut isn’t as efficient as Mash NP + Her first Skill. Also it applies Evade for just 1 attack, I think. If we’re talking about NPs, then Jeanne is way more effective

The damage cut is laughable, and the party evade is only useful for blocking a single NP, so yeah, I wouldn’t call Skadi’s kit “defensive support”.

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Skadi would be of great use to you. Of course, she shines with Quick teams, especially given her busted first skill. However, like @The_Cheeseman mentioned in detail, you’ll get both specific and general use out of her. Having one of the big four supports in your roster enhances your team possibilities exponentially, no matter who it is or who are the other servants in your care.


Skadi is less than optimal no doubt.

Skadi doesn’t offer any kind of defense support.

is incorrect. 1 hit evade (which is generally better vs ST NP’s) isn’t nothing. A properly chained 1K dmg cut isn’t 0. That’s what I’m pointing out. She offer some, not a lot but some.

Plus the fact you end fights sooner - reducing the necessity to sit there and face tank damage. That’s all

Okay, so that’s technically correct. Perhaps the more accurate way to put it would be “Skadi offers no practical or relevant defensive support.”

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In regards to the defense discussion, I’d keep in mind that the importance of being able to field lasting defense diminishes as one’s roster gains more and better damage Servants and damage support.

Even now all but a few defensive comps that don’t rely on taunts are becoming difficult to use in the story, and they are all useless* for daily quests and farming.

*Useless in the sense of being non-advantageous, not in the literal sense