Is SurMo NP5 worth it?

So I used my stockpile of SQ and tickets to get my SurMo from NP1 to NP4. Would getting her to NP5 make much of a difference in terms of NP looping for future farming events?

I want to save what I can for Skadi, but if this is SurMo’s last appearance for the next 2+ years, is it worth it to try to get her to NP5 instead?

Thanks for the advice!

Personally, no.

The damage increase for the NP Multiplier is lower with each successive NP level. The increase from NP1 -> NP2 is EQUAL to the increase from NP2 -> NP5. Yes, NP5. that’s not a typo.

For AoE Arts NPs pre-interlude (or for NPs without interludes to upgrade them), the multipliers for each level are 450% -> 600% -> 675% -> 712.5% -> 750%. For actual numbers, the damage increase from NP4 to NP5 is negligible, only about maybe 1-2k of additional neutral damage I think.

So no, from a gameplay perspective I don’t believe getting her up to NP5 is worth the SQ unless you somehow know you will get her with only a few tickets or SQ, which we know is never an actual certainty.

Mathematically…no, I don’t think so. It’s a damage increase, but it should very rarely make the difference.

I did NP5 mine because I like her (well…her looping ability, more precisely) and wanted maximum damage available, but most what you might use her for can be accomplished at NP1.

The only thing improving her NP level has done for me is to make her more splashable in mixed class nodes.

Yeah, I was able to NP Loop her at NP1 with the proper setup, but it required a bit. I’m hoping at higher NP levels, I won’t need as much support to allow for looping, giving me more options for tea comps.

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Yeah that’s definitely fair. I’ve been using her to surf several of the current event nodes with success, even when it’s all Berserkers. It helps that she can get more crit star gen from Bride’s buff and from her own 2 in case face cards are needed on the biggest HP mob in W3.

Looking forward to results when Tamamo gets her big rank up for 30% to party NP damage. I don’t plan to whale Jarcher, so SurfMo will likely remain my lowest-maintenance Arts looper.

She can loop even NP1 in applicable xFest nodes courtesy of the DMG CE, last check, so really you’re just turning assurance into… extra-extra-assurance, as is. If you use her outside of lottery shenanigans is another story, and I personally would if I had my own, but eh. And you do most of your farming during lottery events anyway.

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my thoughts on any servant is anything beyond np3 that’s not generally fp summonable or a welfare is just a bonus

or more specifically, I think the drop-off in scaling makes it not worth it to bother unless you really love the servant enough to put in the extra rolls for

though of course, even np1 will generally suffice for golds. which certain farming setups aside, the other main bonus for going beyond that (aside from not being as screwed over by np drain enemies) would just be for servants like [shiki] and archuria that have skills which drain their own np to activate