Is the beginning of a new season more competitive?

I reached about 2150 last season although I tanked to about 1700 in rank 8 during premier cup. However, once all 3 leagues returned, I mostly played great league and rose all the way to 2150. I mainly won 3 or 4 games in each set, sometimes all 5.

Now that Season 3 began, I’ve noticed it being a lot more competitive. I still won 4 out of 5 at rank 1 but after that, I don’t think I’ve won more than 3 games out of every set and sometimes I’d not even win 1 out of the 5. Right now I’m only at rank 5 with 21 wins out of 50. Keep in mind I’ve used the same GL team that took me from 1700 to 2150 up till the last 10 games (though that new team seems to be a dud.)

I’m not complaining nor specifically looking for team help but I’m just curious if this is normal at the beginning of a new season. Maybe all of the highly competitive players are doing all of their sets right now. I’ve even heard of players who did so well from ranks 1-6 that they skipped to rank 8 when they finished rank 6. Would it be detrimental to my initial rank once I finish rank 6 if I continue to play against this hyper competitive group of players? I don’t mind the challenge but at the same time, I’m hoping to make rank 9 this season.

I got 5 wins in a row in my second set. Shot me to rank 2.

When ranking resets and you climb to 5 in less than 24 hours, the expectation is that the system will match you up with players from rank 8-10 from last season. Those we were struggling or did bother to climb to 8 last season are likely not in rank 5 yet. So it makes sense that you are struggling. That’s why some of the players are waiting it out before diving in on the first day.

I do believe MMR/elo rating is carried over from prior seasons. I was rank 9 in S1, and my win rate wasn’t so great in S2 placements (R1-R6), only at around 53% if i remembered correctly? They still placed me in rank 7 with 2,200s rating after i finished rank 6. After one set, i advanced to rank 8. Similar situations happened to my families’ 2 other accounts. One finished at rank 8 and was placed in 2100s, and the other finished at 9 and was placed in high 2200s.

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It hasn’t been that bad so far. I’ve won 26/50 & I feel like most of the people I’ve battled are decent, but just going through the motions to reach rank 7. An example is someone switching an Altaria into a battle against my Azumaril. Another example is someone leading with Wigglytuff and using all of their shields against Rock Slide to beat my Deoxys. The problem for them is that they have a steel type in Jirachi with no shields against my G. Stunfisk that has Earthquake which is a OHKO. And they had a Bastidon, Ground + Steel which is double weak to ground.

Right now the players in GL are competitive, but beatable. You may as well play now. At some point you will have to battle the top players. Don’t delay the inevitable. Every season I’ve played, I usually start around 2100-2300 and go straight to rank 8. If your goal is rank 9, try to find 1 team that you enjoy and have success with. Learn the ins and outs of that team and make a push.

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Its just because it’s the beginning of the season. First few ranks are a total crapshoot (especially if you play much in the first day or two). Only did one set yesterday (I want to wait for the sweats to push up past Rank 7 before hitting it hard myself) and some were pretty tough, a couple were so bad I felt sorry for them (Water Pulse Walrein… :slightly_frowning_face:). Honestly, its tough for me to decide whether I want to use my main team(s) and steamroll the n00bs or go with something spicy and maybe rack up some losses against the meta teams…:confused:

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It’s random

Hmm, you may be on to something… In Season 1, I started Rank 7 at about 1500 or so and finished at about 1600. I only knew about Pvpoke and basic teambuilding around the last week and most days, I only played 1 set, 2 at most. I was using low tier pokemons like Vaporeon, Arbok, etc.

Season 2, I had a better team going in (Umbreon, Skarmory, and Toxicroak) and started Rank 7 at about 1650 even though I won maybe 1/2 of my battles on the way there. For some reason, I suddenly started winning more once I hit rank 7, though not enough to get me to rank 8 yet (which I got to eventually in Ultra League once I discovered Cresselia.)

Current UL team is Primeape, G-fisk, and Skarmory although I’m looking to replace Skarmory with Hypno once I have the candies to upgrade it. Alternate team is Bellossom, Altaria, and G-fisk. I wish I could use an Azumarill though I can only power it to 1400 cp at my level (that is if I had the candies.)

Yeah, when I faced a Season 2 rank 10 poser, figured I’d have a bit of trouble. Yep, Drifblim. Then 3 more Drifblim and a then Shadow Abomasnow.Went from 9-1
To 17-8.

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i think in season 1 i started at 1,800s after placement., but i have been playing since day 1 of preseason. i remember shaking my phone all the time so i can get the KMs to enter battles. :smile:

It seems like you have some decent GL picks ready. I think Umbreon is a good lead especially if you can manage to count opponents’ moves and swap at the right time when being countered. For example, against a registeel lead, count 15 lock-ons and switch to Toxicroak to catch their focus blast.

Good luck with rest of your battles!

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People are just getting better by and large. Some of my tricks are still undiscovered, however :smiling_imp:

I was very surprised to see a Melmetal today.

I’m struggling in the new season too after being a 2k+ player last season. Making me doubt my teams and forcing me to change them up

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I can’t know. I have so much lag since season 3 has began that I can’t know anything.

Am I the only one?

Why? Isn’t it quite common? I mean not among the most common, but one of these, once in two days or a bit less? (That’s about 2 percent of all teams)?

I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that the beginning, levels 1 to 6 are all in all a bit easier than 7 from 1.9k upwards. I mean, probably in the VERY beginning, all the pros play cause they just are after it, but that’s just a mind game. All in all the noobs mix in, what makes it a tiny bit better/easier. But if you are fast in reaching lvl 5 upwards, you will find of course more pros, which is where it starts to get difficult again. All in all I went 30/50, which is comparable to the start of last season, but better than the overall seasons stats. Today however after I started at lvl 5 there were only good teams and perfect switches made me doing 1-4 in one and 2-3 in two other sets (all included in the 30/50)

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I’ve also noticed a difficulty spike at the start of this new season. My Signature team which I aptly named “40/50” (40 wins out of 50 matches last season), has gone 0/5 at least twice just climbing the ladder to rank 5.

So yeah. Definitely harder.

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That sounds a lot like my experience today, esp since I didn’t have any downtime to play in the morning and had to work late. Started my sets in the evening and I ran into a combination of hardcore players, casuals, and noobs at the R5-6 range. Guess some of the most dedicated players probably already did their sets by that time. What a difference the first 24-48 hours of a new season makes. I’m back above a 50% win rate.

Finished rank 6 today, got a rating of 2,069 with about 57% win rate. FYI

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Oh cool, I almost made R8 after finishing R6. Hopefully I can get there later today.

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I finished rank 6 & got a rating at 2057 with a 48% win rate. (46/95) Last season I was rank 8 with a 49% win rate (441/895) and a longest win streak of 18. I ended last season at 2364.