Is the CE 'decapitating bunny 2018' good for Cu Chulainn?

It feels like a good Ce, I just need some opinions on it XD

Sure, if facing someone spamming evade/invincibility. But if you don’t need the invincibility pierce, I’d pick a different CE. Probably more on the lines of golden sumo. Being a launch servant, his quick cards aren’t the best, so boosting his attack overall works better than just boosting his quick cards imo.

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theres better options. both for quick/ pierce and cu specific

Ahh I see, but since you get 5 copies of Decapitating bunny then would it be better than golden sumo (Since not everyone can limitbreak it or only have 1 copy)

And golden sumo isn’t obtainable anymore.
But for straight up quick boost, can’t beat imaginary around, even non mlb.
Cu can be slow building np, so starting gauge plus a boost is good, or even innocent maiden for quick up and Guage per turn.

I do like Decapitating Bunny, but only when I need the pierce, and less often now that I have sweet crystal (didn’t realize that wouldn’t return this Valentines)

But if that person have end onigashima would have 5 sumos or 1 MLB sumo

Even 1 copy of Imaginary around is better than mlb Decapitating bunny?

Yes it is in the quick performance

I was thinking of the higher attack when it levels up

Decapitating Bunny is good to penetrate stuff :fgo_coffee:

For actual damage dealing 10% Quick is kinda low and it only benefits quick servants.

Leveling CEs takes an absurd amount of EXP, so people tend to prefer generalist stuff over specialized.

Penetration is a niche CE that you level 100 after more daily usable CEs and, even then, there’s more generalist picks like the little Altera Valentine’s CE or a couple of Gacha ones.

Now, if you really like Decapitating Bunny on Cu Bro, just ignore everything and lv100 the heck out of it.

Depends on what you’re using it for.
Decapitating Bunny has full attack, a quick boost, and lets you ignore invulns and evades. If you’re soloing a stage with Cu (assuming Lancer (either)), this can be great and exactly what you want if there’s a servant or enemies that are liable to spam evades and Cu’s skills are typically enough bulk. Neither Lancer Cu has a self-buff that would stack additively with the quick buff, and it works better with the popular solo Mystic Codes you would use for that situation.
If you mean Cu Alter or Caster, then no.
If you are doing a level with no evades or invulns, then unless Decapitating Bunny is your strongest CE, no.

Actually, hang on, scratch all of that. Cu’s NP has ignore evade. Why do you need invuln pierce?

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Not yet, that update isn’t available until July. Also GP lists sure hit after damage, which usually means that only hits after the np will ignore evade. Unless that’s an error.

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: Definitely not.

Ignore Invincible is an extremely niche effect, and even in fights where it can be useful, it’s usually not necessary to win. +10% Quick is an anemic card buff for a 5-star CE–it’s basically Verdant Black Keys with a bonus effect that’s only relevant in less than 1% of battles.

both fandomwiki and cirno have it first/noted with “(activates first)”

If you’re looking for max sustain, a Volumen Hyrdagyrum is great too. Invul for 3 hits, and since you can stack that with his evade on the first turn, by the time his evade runs out, the CD on the skill is probably done or close to done (if he’s not last man, that is). Of course, no damage steroid (well, nothing to speak of, just +200 (500 MLB) damage plus.

I’ve never really considered him that good at last man, as the evades, being hit-based, only last 1 turn probably, maybe 1 into the next if a skill is used rather than a hit. Even Volumen only lasts an extra 1, so you get 2-3 turns, plus a guts. Not like Herc where you get 4 turns of guts (with the bond CE) plus one turn of evade, along with pretty good damage output against just about anything.

I’ve never really been overfond of Cu as an anchor servant, either, for the reasons you mention. I’ll take Herc or Nero over him, any day. But then, Cu is famous for being good as a three-star, not necessarily for being amazing overall. It’s not really fair to compare him to gold servants, in that regard.

Welp I understand that Herc is better in stats due to rarity, class, and better skill set combined with his bond CE. Tho more material grinding for skills, higher NP level, and long time bond raising just to get him to work that way, which is worth it actually.

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Well, I actually doubt it’s worth bond-grinding your own Herc, as by the time you finish, you probably won’t need to rely on Herc solo strats anymore, anyway. I’m bonding mine just to make him available to my friends, since he’s so useful as an early-game carry unit, and I like helping out new players.

I’d actually say that Nero is the most generally valuable anchor servant for a new account, because she has triple guts via a skill, and can function as a totally competent arts DPS and farming servant, in addition to her last-woman-standing abilities. She can also use event damage bonus CEs in challenge quests, which is helpful.

Unfortunately, Nero is story-locked, so she’s much less accessible than a potential starter servant like Herc, or a FTP servant like Cu.

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