Is the Fire Emblem Gacha falling behind? 'A little rant at the end.'

It’s just as the title say, I think that compared to other gacha games FEH has been falling behind in terms of summoning options and rewards. I mean, besides this game, I play Fate GO, Dragalia Lost, and one obscure game called Destiny Child and I think all of those games have something that FEH doesn’t have and it is either a daily free summoning or a proper anniversary reward to give us more summon sessions.

If you save you can get at least like 300 hundred orbs, more or less, and with the tickets in certain banners you save like 20 orbs, but that’s it. With the horrible rates that the banners have, specially the 4 man banner, sometimes it is impossible, or most of the time, disheartening to no get even a single copy of the unit you want in the new banner. Worst of all, if you want to score really high in arena, you need those +10 units, specially if you don’t have a legendary hero like Alm to up your score.

I have one Alm, but my sister doesn’t, and she has hit the wall of only reaching tier 20, extremely barely and just once, because she can’t even get copies of ‘normal’ units like Nowi for scoring purposes, or common skills like aether because in all her playing time of 8 months she just managed to summon her first chrom last week and she doesn’t even want to sacrifice her Brave Ike because she likes the unit. She hasn’t got the Ike of the challenge missions and she doesn’t want to waste him either.

Imagine that, not getting even copies or low rarity heroes for months, or worse, 5 * heroes you want. My last copy of Myrhh was in march of 2018, and she is only +1.

Compared to dragalia where not only you need to summon the rare unit only once and at least get one good dragon for that unit to start a budget team, the upgrades and merges for the dragons and weapons, with enough grinding and dedication, can eventually go up to max level freely by doing events or raising other dragon bonds. I started with the Fire Emblem banner and with the recent anniversary gifts and revamp on the daily log in rewards I am having a blast. With enough savings you can form various elemental teams and get premium wyrmprints and the eventual wall of progress is no that bad compared with heroes.

Fate GO is known for its atrocious rates but the free 4* that you can get from events are useful, and best of all, super low rarity servants are as useful in farming, and in some cases, challenge quest viable. Yes, premium units sure help a lot because premium stats and skills but if you have a good friend list you can manage with what you have. Every time there is a maintenance, the staff gives you premium currency, and if there is some major setback like the Santa Lily extended server error, you get even more premium currency and the log in rewards from the campaigns will be delivered at a later time. With enough savings you can get good servants, and even niche servants will eventually be mainstream with a certain servant that will come next year to us.

Destiny Child is a pure waifu collector and admittedly very autobattle unlike the previous games but the point of the game is to collect those units and make theme stronger. If you log in everyday, at the end of the month you get a free 5 star ticket to summon a unit, everyday you can make a free summon from the general pool, every 2 months there are events where you can pull 10 units and 10 pieces of equipment for free for 5 or 7 seven days. Like all gachas, the rates for the 5 stars are low but even then, you get so many 5 stars that the ones you don’t need you can use them as resources to make a unit 6 stars and I just started on February but i already have 7 6 stars units. I need merges as well, yes. But they have surely and steadily come that I am not bothered by it. And the endgame is getting costumes in a certain game mode and get more units and repeat the process again and again like all gachas.

Fire Emblem doesn’t give me that anymore. No matter how much I save, or how much I grind, or how much I struggle in the harder maps for those few precious orbs, if I only get a raigh, or a virion, or a hero that doesn’t have new skills that will let me overcome the wall for arena or aether raids, or at least fun or new worthwhile heroes to try meme tactics, then it becomes wasted time, in a game where the creator himself said that summoning was the main focus of the game, and it is truly disheartening because I really enjoyed the game a lot before the summoning pool became so convoluted.

What are your thoughts? Thanks for commenting.


Can you keep up?

Sorry, but the reference was there and I had to do it. :feh_ardenwoke:


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Fire Emblem is very generous to new players, but it can only last for so long. F2p players are after not all not brining money to IS, and all memes aside that is actually the point of gacha games; to profit.

As for what to expect when you Summon, I think of my orbs equally to how I think of money when I bet on something… The moment I click Summon, I expect those orbs to be lost.

And as for keeping up with the upper echelons of the meta… Do you need to? I’m perfectly happy bouncing between tier 18-20 in arena, and whatever AR tier I’m in now (I was 19 at the start of the day, but last I checked I was 17, Idk man). As long as I can use the game to kill some time with units I like from the games I like, I’m happy.

So, I guess, the tldr answer is: it’s falling behind if you think it is falling behind. To me, it’s the same as before except with some massive power creep of course, and I still have fun with it.



This game I play called Unison League gives you a free 10x summon every three hours, and it’s 20x on weekends. “Super Super Rare” gears are fairly common too.

But they are all garbage. The chance that you will summon something that is even slightly usable as a late-game player is next to none. The summoning pool is so bloated with garbage, and there is no focus rate whatsoever so pulling what you want is disgustingly difficult.

The normal, paid summoning pool is roughly the same. Spend some currency, roll the gacha. A lot of the time, you see these special “Treasure Spawns” in which, after you summon, you have to pick from six chests, one of which is the jackpot. Oh, and I forgot to mention. The jackpot can be useless trash, or almost useless trash. The amount of luck required to get something usable is insane.

With enough dedication in FEH an F2P player can do just about anything, for example, look at Akariss. He places very high in every mode regularly.

In Unison League… You’re not going to beat a whale. Not even with the whole “effective against” mechanic. It’s honestly disgusting how frequently powercreep is released in Unison League, and the whales have the money to summon it all.

TL;DR: FEH players have it good. With enough dedication and luck you can get anything.


You are 100% right but every once in a while getting more options to at least do new teams would be good. Most of the refines we got for old units are either too niche or weak, and the best ones like Nino’s (Love her and Tharja’s refine) are too few to count or the brave heroes require a premium luck to begin with.

I wish Kagero got the anti-infantry refine we all wanted but even then I have only summoned 3 Kageros in almost 2 years to start that project. I am only asking for better chances to get more orbs to at least improve our chances of making new merge projects.

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I played that game before… can’t still believe you have endured all this time.

And yes, we may have it good compared to other games, BUT it doesn’t meant that it must be the norm. I understand gacha logic, it is supposed to make profit, but how the heck they want us to spend money when the chances of getting something new is abysmal? There are gachas like Granblue Fantasy that are generous enough and still make money, and they eventually created Dragalia Lost, which also makes money.

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I can agree on the Anniversary being lackluster, but most gachas don’t have free daily summons aside from Friend Point summons for much less desirable units.

FEH is fine. We’ve only gotten slightly less orbs than we used to on a regular basis and we still get 200-300 a month. That’s a lot. Like, a whole lot. Not many gachas are that generous. I will say that the pity rate feels like a placebo more often than not, but a base total 5 Star rate of 6% is high for gacha standards. Are you liable to get RNG screwed? Sure, but that can happen in any gacha.

As for the meta and game difficulty, it can be a mixed bag. While there is a lot of BS going on that shouldn’t exist in the first place (Arena scoring, Duo Heroes, etc), you can still achieve a respectable score with some effort, as it should be work to reach a high rank. You get what you put in. Outside of PvP, there are plenty of F2P guides and other casual videos where people have soloed Lunatic and Infrnals with lower tier units or used a team of Gen 1 units with ease.

FEH’s problem is not difficulty or accessibility Though it may be a bit of an uphill battle at first, it’s definitely achievable. Content is its real problem, but that’s not the point of this thread

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Unison League actually has around 6%, varies from banner to banner, sometimes it’s over 10% :feh_tooobin:

But that’s irrelevant because 99% of the time you’re going to pull trash, “Super Super Rare” or not.


You’ll never know what an actual “bad summoning” is when you never played FFBE and KH-Union X Cross.



Pity rates, high base rates. None of that matters because in the end, RNG hates everyone equally.


Oh GOD, I only have seen youtube videos… it seems like a slaughter.

Honestly, i think the real issue is that the summoning pools in feh are bloated as hell. There are way too many 3-4 star heroes that trying to get a +10 project going is way harder than it should be. The 5 star pool is as well with bad pity breakers such as Mist or Siegbert. I.S. removing the gen 1 units from special banners makes this problem worse due to making the gen 1 units even more rare.

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You get a worthless pity break :feh_ohgod: and you get a worthless pity break :feh_fjormno:



I’ve said before that Feh should implement a permanent “fodder” banner. Basically it’s a banner with no focus units that consists of the 3-4 star pool, but not 5 stars. Well I guess they could probably add the gen one 5 stars since they’re not in the normal pool anymore but there’d be no focus units. Every day you would get a free summon on this “fodder” banner, and then any more would be at a reduced orb cost, or use a different currency entirely (arena medals perhaps? Give them a use). And whenever the 3-4 pool is updated (demotes and direct additions) this banner would be updated accordingly. This would make it much easier to get those fodder units, or merges for projects. Considering how many other gachas do something like this, it doubt it would lower revenue enough for it to be bad from a business perspective.


I didn’t have a pity rate (first circle) so is he really a “pity breaker?”

Also @PityBreaker

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I spent a decent penny back when I played it more during Book 1/Book 2 transition, but the last year I’ve been playing pretty much f2p and I still have gotten a lot of decent new options. I don’t have L!Alm, but I do have L!Leif instead which is IMO a side-grade. Only thing is you need to play a bit more determined with what to do with your orbs yknow.

I’m actually overall happy with a lot of our refines. Some are trashy or less than stellar, some are niche, and some actually are good for either themselves or to support others.

I don’t really think we need more orbs (though I definitely won’t say no :eyes:), we do after all get about 200-300 per month. That is a pretty good sum of orbs.


That’s a great idea. Like how other gachas have banners for secondary stuff


Did you want it? If yes, it is good, if not, you will burn in hellish gacha fire for that.

And I agree. We NEED fodder summons a la FGO for gen 1 units to minimise the pool of the premium summon.

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Then you haven’t seen the worse at all.
Hell FEH Players getting baby sitted compared to FFBE Players and as for example with their 7 Star Units.