Is the size of Pokemon in gyms accurate?

Hi all,
I’m coming up on finally having enough candy to evolve my first Wailord. I have two Wailmers, one with great IVs and one that’s extra large. Since the point of having a Wailord is putting it in gyms and laughing at how hilariously huge it is, I’ve been wondering - will an XL Wailord actually be bigger than a normal/XS Wailord when I put it in a gym? In general, is the size/height of a specific Pokemon accurately represented in a gym?

I’m pretty sure the “size” (XS,XL etc) is simply for badges, with the exception of a handful, such as Pumpkaboo where it’s almost a form variant.

After that, your Wailord (which along with Jigglypuff is a hilarious, if edging towards politically incorrect, name - at least in English) will look the same in a gym regardless of the size of that specimen.


I think the size in gyms is correct but I guarantee the size in AR and buddy-walking is not, especially on the really little and really big stuff. Wailord is supposed to be ~50’/15m “tall/long” and its no where near that in most AR modes. A lot of the sizing in PoGO is suspect TBH…

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