Is there a place people post FGO data mine like with FEH?

I was hoping to get a look at what the advent calandar has in store for us?

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Well DW did threaten lawsuits against people who leak content for fgo so you won’t find any reliable leaks on sites like twitter/reddit

Best we can do at this point is just speculate based on what we recieved the past years


Well now that is just discusting. “We don’t want you people to learn anything about our game and our money grubing rigged RNG so we will sue you for evrything you have.” :roll_eyes:


No company wants its stuff to be datamined; it’s just that the people who run FGO are going to be a bit more aggressive since so much revenue is flowing.

That being said, we do occasionally get information from those who datamine, but it’s almost never available these days until right before a release, like when dataminers are able to guess some of the strengthenings in a new Interlude or RUQ campaign on JP.


I remember someone found out we were getting level 120 for servants almost 2 weeks before anni 6 but couldn’t specify when it might happen


Yeah, I’m guessing that DW waits as long as possible to make changes so that they can’t be datamined months in advance. Right before anni makes sense.


There’s nothing disgusting about it. Data mining is expressly against TOS, and literally every game, or even every commercial program, tries to prevent it by whatever means possible. Proprietary information is extremely important and valuable for any company, and they have every right to protect it. We are not entitled to the inner workings of their code, or their future release schedule.


Imagine getting mad at someone about protecting their property :fgo_shirouderp:


I recall in LB6 there were L120 servants so it’s not a stretch to put two and two together really.

I might be wrong but I think they’re in part 2 that came out after the anni. If there were some before that then I just forgot


Oh you might be right, I’m not sure, I just remember people saying “what the hell is this” and posting a 120 character screenshot that was definitely prior to the syst being announced. Haven’t played it tho so I can’t say when, pretty sure it was castoria tho.


Yeah that’s who I was thinking of, but like I said I only remember her from the 2nd part


there was a pre-anni lb6 fight with a lv120 forced support castoria, so it was pretty predictable by that

but damn, imagine being so impatient at advent rewards

like shit, if you’re gonna request datamine info, at least make it be for something worthwhile