Is there a problem in my fgo server?

Hi everyone today I have a big problem but some problems are not really that big but there is one so first is a minor problem or maybe no a problem at all but why does my fp gacha doesn’t give this ce’s:

I know these are just 1-2 star ce’s but I just want some cuz I kinda collect ce’s that I get and lock at least one if I’m going to make them a CE bombs anyway then I wonder if I’m the only one that has this kind of roll Everytime they roll on for gacha?

And my biggest problem is WHY THE HELL CAN’T I USE MASH VOICE LINE ON HER PROFILE :fgo_badciv:
After several months of playing fgo this is my first time to check on my servants voicelines cuz I’m bored due to waiting for the last 3AP to farm again and I already check my other servants voicelines and it’s working I even have all the data downloaded which made my phone storage a bit heavier but still no Mash voicelines I’m kinda furious cuz she’s the masters precious kohai and I’m just going to check on her but this freaking happened.

So tell me if this scenario has happened to some of you and if you think my app or phone has the problem it’s a no because my phone has just been bought 3 days ago and it’s not an old model so pls tell me if something is wrong.

The ce have been replaced, so they’re no longer in the pool.


Oh is that so? Well sad I can’t collect it
What about mash voicelines do you have problem playing her voice lines?

What Arc said on the CEs.

As for voice lines I am not sure what do you mean? Are you unable to get any of them? That sounds like a bug.

HOWEVER, if it is just some of them are missing then that is probably because some are story locked and some require other servants to view.

No I think I have it all but it’s my first time visiting mash voicelines on her profile and when I tap her voice my game freezes but the background and the low bgm is still ongoing

Sounds like a bug. They play fine for me.

Maybe try clearing your cache?

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I already tried and nothing happened still the same :fgo_nitocry:

Clear cache not work ???
Is every Mash voicelines not work or only battle voicelines ???
Its happen after some disaster happen 1 month ago in my JP and some servant dont have battle voicelines and its work again after clear cache

Holy crap, they are gone?!
Guess i’ll hold onto the ones in 2nd archive, for collectors purposes :P

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those ces died when the new bronzes came out

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The records remain in your spirit origin list, so you can freely use the copies as fodder.


but what if I need tenacity’s 5% defense buff one day!


the only real loss is not having the only bronze starting charge ce, Fruitful, but 20% is hard to work with, so even that’s niche.