Is there a way (Mod Edit: view cutscenes and videos? Staff Poll for Featured Tool Suggestion!)


coming from fgo and i’ve been really enjoying the game so far, but i wanted to know if there’s a way to review cutscenes or the little animated videos they sometimes play before a mission? i know in fgo you can view them under your room options but i’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find anywhere to backtrack or review story for e7…is there an option for this in the game at all?

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There isn’t, unfortunately. :frowning:

If you think it’d be a neat feature, we may be able to build something that allows you to review story on our site! It’s actually something we want to do, but if people don’t use it, the ad revenue we make from it will never justify the cost. :x

That said, it’s something I personally would love, since there’s a lot of content that new players have missed in events, plus many people skipped the first few chapters of the game before getting more invested in it all! I had to make a new dummy account just to read up to chapter 3 myself!

If others are interested, please say so in here! It wouldn’t be a literal copy of the in-game content, but it would allow anyone to review all the story, along with some character visuals and text bubbles.

  • Yes, I’d use that tool!
  • No, I never look back.
  • I’m not sure. It’d be cool, but I probably won’t use it.

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