Is there a way to get the special weekend without verizon?

Hello people Niantic posted about a special weekend and I want some spiffy timed research but I use Google Fi for my cell service… Is there a way to get the weekend without PAYING for verizon. I dont mind making an account as long as I dont need to play some money

Verizon needs to be your service provider so you’ll need to actually switch to them and pay for the line.

This might end up being the highlight, but can’t imagine a way of doing it without Verizon. Evenso, I don’t think a lot of Verizon players will find the promo code, takes a couple of steps. Must be registered for Verizon Up rewards to get the code

Rats oh well

You could always sign up to the cheapest package, pay the first month then cancel your direct debit? Although looking at the rewards there’s not much worth it unless you have someone to trade with.

I got someone I know who has Verizon but doesn’t play PoGo to get the code for me. That’s probably your best bet at playing the event and not paying for a new cell service

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We unlocked the Rocket Challenge bonus…will it be triple XP, times 2, times lucky egg?

Yeah, I got the Verizon ticket but know nothing more…however, anything less than 20k per excellent catch will be a disappointment now;)

Most with Verizon ticket I guess would be 14.5k XP? Once again pretty clueless about what this is

The blog post was updated - Update: Trainers, if the global Luminous Legends Y challenge is completed, all Special Weekend participants will have their bonus increased to 4x Catch XP instead of the default 2x Catch XP!

I guess I finished it…got like 2 Deino. Not sure what else it is/was supposed to be