Is there any difference with device transfers involving Bluestacks?

When doing an official device transfer from a PC with Bluestacks to an Android device or other Bluestacks PC, is there anything I should be aware of or obvious problems? Similarly, are there any problems doing a device transfer from one device to a PC with Bluestacks which you have transferred from in the past.

I want to do a device transfer from my PC with Bluestacks to another PC with Bluestacks (possibly Android phone in a pinch) and then, a week later, transfer it back.

nah, once the games launches properly on any device, there’s no reason to expect anything to not work.
Just double check if you have available disk space on the target device before you do it, because the transfer code gets used regardless of the result. Make sure it’s going to work.
When you’re done, don’t forget to create your new transfer code.

There’ll be no problem. I normally play on a pc using bluestacks, and had no problem transferring my account to another pc and to my phone and back.

Yeah, I use bluestacks on my PC pretty often. I have an iPhone but I’ll transfer my account over to bluestacks pretty often just to play on my PC and then transfer back to my actual phone without too many problems.