Is there any upcoming banners

I have heard that musachi is a very good saber and since I lack sabers I want to ask if is there any upcoming banner for him/her or any other good sabers if not can you recommend a good 3 star one

Musashi is up right now though only for a couple of days still. Munenori has a rate up in a few days, 4* Saber that’s praised up there with Lancelot (both are very good and on par with SSRs). Then following that are these Sabers in the following order: Mordred (5*), Altera (5*) which finishes up the year.

Just use this:

The banners listed are two years behind. So go back two years to an equivalent date and work up from there. That’s what i did to list the ones that are going to pop up from now until the end of the year.

Oh I see thanks

The story-locked 3* from the Camelot chapter competes with Musashi for single-target buster saber, but extra copies are hard to get. also different skills, decks, etc.
Other than that, the only single-target low-star saber is Julius.