Is there such a thing as a Pegasus Knight Day? There should be!

Because today sure is a day of celebration!

Hello folks, it’s me yet again with a new milestone, and boy is it a meaty one. :catwave:

Surprise 1 day banners of the FEH Summer Celebration sure had some surprises in there.

Erinys and Valentian Palla being 2 big targets of mine, I had to go in for them.

Palla was 2 merges away from +10 and Erinys was 6 away.

Summon Stories

First Erinys banner actually gave me an Erinys as a free summon ; couldn’t have asked for anything better. :fgo_medealove:

But I had to keep my stash for Palla.

When Palla’s banner came in, 76 orbs did the trick. :ak_blemismile:

After this, I had a thought ; seeing as I had previously Valentian Catria at +10 and I just got Palla to +10, at this point, I might as well fully merge the OG Whitewings. My thought was that I’d wait for both OG Catria and OG Palla to get their Resplendent before I commit to it.

The thing is…Est’s Resplendent happened such a long time ago that just waiting for the other 2 to get theirs is…a crapshoot pretty much.

All of them were +8 when I had the thought.

So I commited :

In 1 day, got 4 new +10’s to add to the list.

But there was still Erinys left, so I had to wait another day.

Enters today, last day of the banners and the 2nd Erinys banner.

My entire stash was gone, and with only 15 orbs left, it happened :

It actually happened ; with a measly 200 orbs left in the stash at the start, she actually pulled through 5 times. :fgo_nitocry:

I knew I had to give her a much, much better build :

Happiness doesn’t even come close to the emotion I felt during that ; it was pure bliss. :fgo_medealove:

TLDR : Got 5 Pegasus Knights to +10 in the span of 2 days. If that’s not a sign of something, I don’t know what is. :catdance:

The new culprits at +10 :

If you’re wondering about Valentian Est, she’s coming along as well ; she’ll of course be a project I’ll keep aiming for in the future :

It’s only right to do so ; her 2 sisters are maxed after all. :feh_catria:

And to finish this topic off, some art to celebrate :fgo_gaooo: :


Source was deleted, but it was User [heroine2000] on DeviantArt.


Anyways…for those of you who read everything ; thank you ; you are the real MVP. :fgo_ereshlove:

Thank you for joining me on this great journey and hoping it becomes even better. :partying_face:

I hope you’ll have a great day, and of course, I’ll see you all soon. :catwave:


About half of all seasonals ever are Pegasus Knights.

You already have Peg Knight year let alone day.


petition for an endless supply of flier flowers so Krat can max these lovely pegasus knights alongside his Camillas :feh_lilithpray:

Huge congrats man, happy to see that Erinys was very kind to you :fgo_ereshlove:




I suppose, but it’s still a fun thing to celebrate. :feh_deirdrehappy:


Thank you Noodles ; very happy indeed that she was this nice. :fgo_ereshlove:

:fgo_enkidusus: :catchancla:


I’m somewhat fond of a certain Pegasus Knight myself

This sort of rep is good to see :catballoon:

I’m also in the process of merging Tanith but I’ve yet to find a really good build sadly. Haven’t given up on her yet though.

Congrats on all those girls, looking great


Pretty great looking Pegasus Knights as well. :feh_navarreculture:

Love the fully merged Bride Catria ; a rare sight to be sure. :fgo_ereshwoah:


You, uh, really like pegasus knights


All these gorgeous pegasus ladies… wonderfull :feh_annandcute:


Man between these, Camilla and the DF cap going up once again you really are a glutten for punishment Krat. Let the poor man rest IS.


Damn, what gave it away? :feh_nino:



At least, this time, I came way more prepared for the eventual rise :

CYL FB will also give out 1000 of each DragonFlowers, so I’ll at least be able to fully flower my Camilla’s very soon instead of ‘‘being in the works’’ for almost a full year.


I’d donate some if I could

But yeah the free 1000 does held soften the blow a little, even if the increase is still annoying.


Oh, you know…just a hunch


you know this reminds me of what an elder told me once about how pegasi are just flying cows…


Well, that explains everything. :fgo_rinlaugh: