Is this a good build for MY Summer Laegjarn?

The build I will have after HOF

The build fully Maxed out

Summer Laegjarn Build
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  • Good
  • Could use something (please explain)
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Since it’s HoF you might as well get something like ruptured sky or blue flame as a special (same with assists)

Can also take a rare tome for free


I have a feeling Moonbow might be better on her over Glimmer in most scenarios. Also try to get A/S Catch over SS3 for highest damage output


She does not have the capability to debuff with thos build so she would only benifit from 1 extra ATK and thats it.

Moonbow is nice if the enemy’s RES is high other wise the 30% drop is not helping as much.

No this is for MY Laegjarn after HOF

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Right, so I assume you are getting stuff for it during HoF?

That means getting the best stuff possible, because you might use it later. RS has some niches where it’s better than moonbow or glimmer (I know a few times where it’s made the difference in beating an abyssal map)

The tome is a free tome. You might as well take it for alternate builds, especially since her PRF is limited in some ways, so having an alternate tome with more abilities wouldn’t hurt.

As for the assist, sure you might never us it, but why would you not take a free rally+ or Harsh command+? There’s no reason not to, even if you think you will literally never use it.


Asks for advice.
Gets advice.


Just because I asked for advice does not mean I need to agree with what advice was offered.

If you’re just going to rudely disagree like that then why did you bother asking in the first place?


Is this another one of those polls where you just wanted it to conform to your viewpoints?

Are you only accepting answers that you agree with?

Because there is literally no reason not to take RS, an assist, and a tome from HoF. None. You get the base kit no matter what, and other specials and assists are available on 3* units.

So that advice isn’t even really advice, so much as objectively agreed upon best practice for formaing a unit.


Get spider plush, regular harsh command, blue flame, Def/Res catch, Atk/Res trace, and Def/Res menace.


And even if you don’t agree with the advice being given you can say so without coming off as rude you did btw.




You’ll want to grab some rare, premium blue tome, even if you won’t use it. You’ll get all of the unit’s base kit after formaing anyway, so it just maximizes the value of the forma, ya know.

Grab a premium assist. Harsh Command+, a Dual Rally, etc. Just another cool and rare skill to maximize value. No reason not to.

Grab Ruptured Sky. No reason not to. Premium/expensive, pretty good 2 CD special.

Find a new A skill. She already comes with Swift Sparrow 3, so finding something else–A/S Catch 4 is optimal imo–would help maximize value.

Other than that, solid.


seconded, and if her debuffing enemies is an issue, one of her teammates can do it for her

I’d grab the Catch in HoF since she has SS3 in her base kit, so she can have more options of skills she can run. Usually it’s also a good idea to do this for the weapon, assist, and special as well, as Emet was going over. Ruptured Sky is rare and can outdamage Moonbow in some situations

As for the build itself, SS2 as a seal is usable, but Atk/Spd Solo would be better for damage output (and if swapping seals is an issue, team lock is a thing)


Gonna second most advice given here, so you can make the build like this during the event:

Heck, if you even get [B Duel Flying 4] and plan to use her on modes that rely on her scoring potential, it’s a good option too.
Then inherit [Glimmer] from any of the cheap units you get from summoning with [Orbs] and you can switch to them and her default [Reposition], [Swift Sparrow 3] and [Worldsea Wave] by selecting “Change Skills” on the unit’s profile (these last 3 will be already coming with her anyway so you shouldn’t pick them on the event), or try the skills you got on her that way.
It’s just to make the most use of your [Forma Soul] since you normally get these by paying a couple $$$ but the free ones are rare to get, either way they’re rare and valuable.

While I’m at it, it shouldn’t be hard but try to clear at least the [Chamber 13] everyday and use all your event [Stamina] in there so that it’s more likely you run into the skills you want for whatever build you’ll end up going for, any map with the darkest hue of purple on its entry’s background can give her double the choices of passive skills (A, B, C).


Reposition is also part of her base kit, I believe :fgo_think:


Ah thanks, I missed that. :catroll:

I did check the wiki and she does come with it, so I fixed that part.


Give Laegjarn this skill


A good build for what purpose?
Is it effectively good? Absolutely, I run the trace and rein on her.

As others were saying: HoF wise you are best off capitalizing on the opportunity with options focusing primarily on skills you will use on her first and premium options she doesn’t have second. A/S Unity or Catch for the A, Ruptured Sky etc.